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Michigan Wasp Control

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Michigan Wasp Control

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What is worse than a pest near your home or business? One that can fly after you. What is worse than a pest that can chase you down on the wind? One that can chase you down and sting you. Yes, it is hard to imagine a pest more menacing than the wasp and Michigan has plenty of them.

Wasp, Yellow Jacket, or Hornet

The answer to this question is simple, just go with wasp unless you want to start studying to be the University of Michigan’s next entomologist. The term wasp can be the umbrella cover for the flying stinging folk except for bees (which have pollen carrying hairs on their abdomen and legs). Common species found in and around Detroit include:

  • Bald Faced Hornet (not actually a hornet despite its name)
  • Paper Wasp
  • Mud Dauber
  • Yellow Jacket

Different nests in different places

Mud Daubers have the easiest to distinguish nests. Their nests may be vertical or horizontal, but are made of mud tubes about the size of a pencil. These tubes may be singular or in clusters and are typically found cemented to the wall just below the eaves. While this is the most common location for them, they can be anywhere that is sheltered from the elements that was convenient to build.

Paper Wasps build their nests most commonly underneath overhangs such as attaching it to the bottom of the soffits. Their nests look like small, upside-down umbrellas. They may also be found inside of light fixtures or anything else that allows easy access. And protection from precipitation.

Bald Faced Hornets like to build their nests in the landscaping. They find a tree branch or bush where they can attach paper mache and they build a series of combs surrounded by a a thin protective paper layer. These nests most typically curve up at the very bottom and have a side or angled entrance instead of straight up the bottom. They can also be quite large and be constructed quickly.

Yellow Jackts love voids for their nests. They will take advantage of rodent burrows left in the ground, voids in walls or behind siding, or simply construct something on the side of your home or business. Their opportunistic location selections lend themselves to terrorizing unsuspecting citizens of Michigan mowing their lawns, or walking by the entrance to their large unaware.

Bugs for treats

Like all of the workers throughout Michigan, Wasps perform their work for exchanges and rewards. The larvae back at the nest need protein to grow and develop. This means they need the adult wasps to fly off and hunt down food for them. They motivate their adult counterparts to do their bidding by secreting a sweet treat for them in exchange. This is why wasps are so keen to go after your coke on a warm Sumer day in an attempt to cut out the middle man.

Away with wasps

The best way to keep wasps away is to keep food away from them. This not only means your grilled burger and coke, but also all of the little insects they can hunt down for their nests. The effort to control our human food is relatively simple. We can still grill out on a nice evening, we just have to make sure we tidy up after and there won’t be enough for a problem to develop. The real work comes in the insect control and the direct attack on the wasps themselves. The wasp control experts at Rove Pest Control will take the threat out of the work of removing the nest, killing the wasps, and reducing the food that drew them in to begin with.

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