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Michigan Spider Control

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Michigan Spider Control

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I’ve always thought that Lake Huron looked like a giant bird swooping down to munch our great city of Detroit. I imagine I am not the only one that has noticed this peculiar shape and setup. If I am, maybe it is from my years of studying spiders. Spiders are notorious for looking at water and seeing hints of things to munch on. And in the great state of Michigan, we have plenty of water to draw spiders in.

Water and Spiders

Understanding the link between spiders and water is key in Michigan. Whether located close to a large body of water like the Huron river or a small unnamed pond in the back yard, Michigan is peppered with bodies of water. These bodies of water provide the environment necessary for insects and arachnids to thrive. Since spiders feed on other arachnids and insects, water means smorgasbord.

Seasonal Spiders

While spiders are around every corner of Michigan, they do not behave the same in each season. In the springtime, they are coming out of a dormant state (unless you kept them warm and cozy in your home during the winter) preparing to eat the young insects as they are hatching and developing. In the summertime, the spiders spread out.

Some catch rides on breezes with silk parachutes and others wander until they find the right feeding ground. Regardless of their path of choice, they seek shelter with a solid food source. Is things cool off in the fall, these spiders will ease their way into the warm wall voids of Detroit homes running their heating systems and come out and feed on the insects during the warmth of day. In some instances, the insects join the right in the wall void to save them the trouble.

Light Attracts

It isn’t just water that lets spiders know there is food to be found. Light is just as much a predictor of food for spiders across Detroit. Spiders love places like our bay windows or porch lights send out welcome signals to flying insects. If light is flowing, silk will soon be flowing along with it to catch a flying morsel of deliciousness.

Eyes Identify

There are many ways to identify spiders. The most accurate method is to go off of the number of eyes and their configuration. That being said, sometimes the type of web and its location are more important than the scientific name of the spider. Gathering all of these clues about the spiders tell us what they are feeding on and how to get rid of them. Common spiders include:

  • Wolf Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Cellar Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders
  • Dark fishing spiders
  • Nursery Web Spiders
  • Grass Spiders
  • Cobweb Spiders

Say goodbye to spiders

Whether you are more concerned with the unsightly webs left behind or the spiders themselves, the arachnid specialists at Rove Pest Control have the ability to customize a spider control plan for your house and yard. These plans adjust environment, reduce food sources, and target spiders directly to get your home or business spider free.

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