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Friday Night Lights

When I was in junior high my mother decided it was time for me and my sister to get out of the house to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air that comes from baseball! I remember the rush of the ball connecting with the bat and the feel of the glove when I caught a pop fly! One day my coach skillfully hit a grounder straight at me. My glove was down and I was ready! What I couldn’t see, was the clump of grass that would bounce that ball directly into my face! I ended up only playing that one year of softball…I’m sure that particular experience has a little something to do with it. However, being a part of a team that is supportive and helps you grow and progress is the perfect way to feel like you belong!

What is FNL? 

Friday Night Lights (FNL) is a clean and sober softball league that takes athletes away from the drug of their choice and gives them a healthy and physical outlet. The league started April 29th and runs for 13 weeks with a big ol’ tournament at the end of it. This year Rove Pest Control is sponsoring one of these incredible teams! Make way for… The New Kids on the Block! What a great name, eh?! Come see them at their next game (click here for the team schedule)!

Understanding the Recovery Road

On the road to recovery, there are many metaphorical baseballs to the face, and the statistics are startling to read. This league helps eliminate some of the most common reasons for relapse. Its a great way for those in recovery to:

*get outside

*play some ball

*develop friendship

*be part of a community

What a great way to find out you’re not alone in your journey! You can stay on the path to recovery, and there are so many routing for you along the way!

Get Involved

If you would like to sponsor a team for next year or attend a game, click on the link below for more information.