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Wasp Control
in Wellesley, MA

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Wellesley Wasp Control

Wasps are marvelous creatures. They can be marvelously aggressive and mean, or they can teach us new things. We mostly think of them in the negative light, however. They tend to be aggressive particularly when defending their nest or food sources. Unfortunately for us, we oftentimes find out we encroached on their territory after it is too late. If a wasp sets up a nest in your trees, eaves, or even in cracks in your foundation, they can be a very annoying pest to deal with. This is especially true when approaching their entrance requires exposure to attack.

What Do Wasps Like to Eat?

Wasps are predatory insects. The adults hunt down food that they feed to their brood in exchange for a sweet secretion. This desire for delicious sweets is what inspires them to try and shortcut mother nature’s carefully crafted process and steal your sugary lemonade. Similarly, they would much rather hunt down your hamburger to bring it back to the nest instead of fight an insect that may fight back. Wellesley wasp control starts should take into account food sources for them. In some cases, a general pest control applications can help to reduce the amount of wasps drawn into an area.

3 Common Wellesley Wasp Control Targets

Mud Daubers

These are often viewed as more of a threat than they actually pose. As solitary wasps, they are less likely to have the threat of numbers like their relatives mentioned below. Despite their lower population count, they are large and scary looking. They are known for having a thread waist that makes their body dangle in the air like a horrific Halloween decoration.

These nests are recognizable as tubes of mud. It looks as though someone packed mud around a small pencil. The orientation (horizontal vs vertical) of the tubes is one of the indicators of the type of mud dauber at work. Each tube has an egg and a delicious birthday present of a captured insect for the new hatchling to gobble up.

Yellow Jacket

The yellow jacket is a smaller type of wasp that are known for their black and yellow markings and can be often seen around your home or also near sweets. Another trademark of a wasp is they often fly side to side. This makes predicting their flight pattern a bit more complex.

Yellow jackets create their nests underground, in holes in trees, and they can even nest in the areas like burrowing into your porch or foundation. Keep in mind if attempting Wellesley wasp control for yellow jackets, they typically have multiple entrances. Far too often, people are focused on the front door to the wasp lair and get attacked via the backdoor. Yellow jackets are aggressive in any environment and have a painful sting.

Paper Wasps

Theses wasps are similar in appearance to yellow jackets, but tend to be more elongated and dangly. Paper wasps get their name from the paper mache nests they construct for their offspring. In fact, they were instrumental in teaching us how to make paper.

Paper wasps harvest fibers from dead wood and plant stems to create their nests. These wasps are more likely to have a hanging styled nest from trees, porches, and even the eaves of your home or office. They are less aggressive than yellow jackets, but are just as mean if you start threatening their nest and territory.

Key elements of Wellesley Wasp Control

Carefully take down their nests

When dealing with wasps. It is good to know that typically they are very aggressive when defending their nests. Wasps are also more active during the day. Taking these things into account, taking their nest down at night is typically the best course of action. It increases the chances that more of the wasps have returned to the nest. The downside to this course of action is you are less likely to have visual awareness of a pending attack.

Know where they like to call home

Different species of wasps have different preferred nesting sites. Some will have hanging nests from trees or embedded in shrubs. Some prefer to attach their home to our structures, while others nest inside trees, structural voids, and underground. Abandoned rodent nests are a popular real estate choice for wasps. I have often wondered if some rodents left because of harassment or if the wasps are purely opportunistic. Identifying the type of wasp will clue you in as to where to hunt for their home.

Call For Backup

Wellesley wasp control can be more hassle than it is worth. It can be difficult and dangerous due to their aggressive nature. They have painful stings and can be hard to deal with – they appear to be completely immune to logic and reason. Oftentimes, the best course of action is to call a certified pest control company.

Whether you are tired of dealing with these flying harpoons or simply want to avoid encountering them, the wasp wizards at Rove Pest Control have just the plan to protect you and your loved ones.

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