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Cockroach Control
in Wellesley, MA

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I contacted Rove and the bugs were gone after only one treatment

"I had cockroaches move into my dishwasher. I contacted Rove and the bugs were gone after only one treatment, and I haven't seen them in a little over a year. I would definitely recommend Rove!"

Jenna T.


Rove is by far the most professional and effective pest control company.

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Wellesley Cockroach Control

Cockroaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs. Some cockroaches are particularly nasty little creatures, but others are completely benign. These little (or large in the case of some species) insects can reside in sewers and can carry nasty pathogens on them as well. Whatever they interact with within their nesting and hiding environment has a chance to spread from their micro-environment to yours.

Wellesley roach control can be particularly difficult as they can survive long periods of time without food and water. Oftentimes people think they have them under control only to experience an outbreak a few weeks to months later. Cockroaches can nest nearly anywhere in your house including but not limited to:

  • Refrigerators
  • Cabinets
  • Crawl spaces
  • and pretty much anywhere dark and moist.

Wellesley cockroaches do not particularly care if you live in an old or new home. They only care about finding the right environmental conditions.

What Do Cockroaches Like to Eat

Cockroaches are omnivores so they eat both plants and animals. These critters especially like starches, meats, and sweets however they will pretty much eat anything! Since Welleslehy roach control includes limiting food supply, this poses quite the challenge. It quickly illustrates why roaches have stayed with us for so long. Cockroaches can survive over a month without food and about 2 weeks without water!

4 Popular Targets of Wellesley Roach Control

Oriental Cockroaches

These cockroaches are a larger species. They can grow to be about 1 inch long! These pests are a shiny brown color and both the males and females have wings however they cannot fly.

These roaches have been given the nickname “Waterbugs” Being they are typically found around dark places with a lot of moisture. Typically these critters are found in damp basements, bathrooms, and under and around sink fixtures.

German Cockroaches

This breed of roaches is a lot smaller than the large roaches. They range between ½ – ⅔ inches long. German roaches are tan in color and have two distinguishing stripes on their pronotum. This is another type of roach with wings that cannot fly. It has a lookalike relative that does fly – the Asian roach.

German cockroaches have a particular aversion to the cold weather we have here in Wellesley. This drives them inside any place that has warmth like homes, restaurants, food processing facilities, and even hospitals!

Brown Banded Cockroaches

These are also in the small range of roaches like the German roaches. They can be recognized by a brown band across their abdomen. This band becomes less noticeable as they become adults and the wings cover it, but it is still plenty evident.

The brown banded roach is well known for its reproductive pheromones which have been studied regarding their role in bringing the roaches together. This trait is particularly important in Wellesley roach control in multi-family housing situations.

Key elements of Wellesley Roach Control

Identify Harborage Areas

The best place to start is to examine your home for areas that provide food, water, and shelter. You can do these by using a flashlight looking in dark damp spots like under your sink, behind the refrigerator, and throughout the basement. You can deploy glue traps in areas you suspect to find sources and monitor the traffic. Glue boards aren’t necessarily adequate control devices, but every roach caught helps!

Bait Placements

You can use gel bait stations in areas where you see a lot of roach traffic. These traps can be effective in controlling roach populations in your home. Keep in mind that baiting is only effective if the food source is limited. It is unlikely they will choose a manufactured roach bait over a delicious spat of butter.

Insect Growth Regulators

These can be particularly useful in conjunction with other control efforts to limit the number of roaches that reach adulthood. This doesn’t necessarily kill the roach directly, but it limits the number that can reach a reproductive state.

Insecticide Sprays and Dusts

While these definitely play a role in Wellesley roach control, they should not be a stand alone control measure and should be used in conjunction with exclusion and environmental controls. That being said, used wisely, they can help accelerate the roach eradication process.

Call for Backup

Controlling cockroaches typically is not that easy as they are very tenacious. They also tend to nest in places that are hard to reach. The best way to deal with roaches is to call a certified pest controller.

If you’re tired of trying to get rid of cockroaches in and around your home, reach out to a Roach control specialist at Rove Pest Control to get a custom and efficient plan put together for your home or business.

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