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Spider Control
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Wellesley Spider Control

It’s important to know how to handle the different types of spider situations that can arise in and around a structure before you devise the solution to control them. Spiders usually enter your home to find food, moisture, and shelter. They may be teased in by light, but that is related to food and shelter. Once they find a food source, they set up shop and start nesting. Spiders can be a growing complication as changes in the food source increase or decrease the pressures on their nests. While all spiders are venomous to their prey, not all are a threat to people. Unfortunately for those of us in Wellesley, we do have a few potential threats. If you’ve seen spiders around your home contact our Wellesley spider control experts at Rove Pest Control

What Do Spiders Like to Eat?

Spiders like most pests, tend to be most active when seasonal weather change happens. They like to feast upon insects, arachnids, and some species even feed on rodents. The problem that arises is these listed food sources are other pests that like to infiltrate your home as well. Spiders that would otherwise not care to enter your home are more likely to follow another intruder inside. Whether you are in new construction or an older end of the spectrum home, that structure has plenty of cracks, crevices, and holes that grant access to pests including spiders.

3 Popular Types of Spiders in Wellesley, MA

1. Orb-Weaver Spider

These small colorful spiders are commonly found in gardens and wooded areas. They may utilize another branch-like object such as a water spigot to set up their feeding station. They are known for their signature circular pattern spiderwebs. The webs (and spiders themselves) can be large and menacing but are not a structure infesting spiders and pose little to no threat to humans.

This is one of the most common breeds of spiders with over 3000+ subspecies. They are your typical pest that likes to put up sticky webs to catch prey. The Wellesley trail running community is all too familiar with the feel of one of these webs catching a runner as they pass through.

2. Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders are the easiest family of spiders to identify. They are unique in the fact that they have 4 prominent eyes in addition to 4 other smaller, less noticeable ones. Jumping spiders are able to accomplish amazing feats of jumping several lengths of their bodies. Interestingly enough, they make these motions through rapid increases in their blood pressure.

Their agile nature makes them phenomenal predators. They can also handle relatively harsh environments by means of creating web tents. They also are adept at using their web as a security line to travel great distances.

3. Northern Black Widow

This venomous pest is easily identified by its black body and limbs with red markings. They are known for traveling up and down the coasts of Massachusetts and the rest of the mid-Atlantic in the spring and the fall.

The Northern black widow carries enough venom in its body to take down an adult mouse. When they bite humans they leave a red mark and the victim will feel increasing pain. Fortunately, one bite is not lethal to a healthy human, however, they are capable of causing intense pain.

The Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Spider

Limit Potential Sources of Food

Limit outdoor lighting and remove non-essential items from your home’s perimeter. These places are where spiders like to hunt their prey. Appropriate use of insecticides can aid in the process of reducing insect populations around structures. Keep in mind that the size of their food source determines the size of the spider population that can be supported.

Know Where They Like to Call Home

Some spiders like to set up nests in the walls of your home. Some are active hunters. Understanding which type of spider is hanging around will help direct control efforts. An inspection around the exterior and key nesting sites in the home will help indicate where exclusion and control efforts should be initially focused.

Call for Backup

Getting rid of spiders without the proper resources can be a daunting task. Spiders can be tricky to control. If you’re tired of trying to get rid of spiders in and around your home, call or email Rove Pest Control and connect with a Wellesley spider control specialist.

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