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Rodent Control
in Wellesley, MA

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Wellesley Rodent Control

Rodents can be one of the most irritating types of pests to deal with. They are smart and can even work together to achieve common goals. Rodents are prolific breeders and a nest can easily turn into a persistent issue. As foundations shift and cracks and crevices form over time, rodents have more opportunities to join you inside. Rodents are not limited to the original homes in Wellesley but like to invade the newly built structures just as well. These savvy pests find and create entries into all types of residences and commercial buildings. Contact us today for rodent control in Wellesley.

What Do Rodents Like to Eat

Most rodents tend to eat plant-based foods like grains, seeds, or any type of carbohydrate. Rodents are omnivores, however, so they can also consume animal meats and products. Rodents pretty much eat anything that we do. In fact, studies have found that rodents develop a taste and preference for commonly available foods. They learn to like what they are fed.

3 Popular Types of Rodents in Wellesley, MA

1. House Mouse

These rodents are characteristically identified by having pointed snouts, large round ears, and a long hairy tail. Most house mice can have black, gray, or brown hair. They weigh around 12-30 grams and are 6-11 cm long. The house mouse’s tail length matches its body length. They typically have very short hair on their ears and tail.

House mice are one of the most adaptable species of mice. Their adaptability includes living conditions, food types, and environmental learning. They have a kinesthetic memory that allows them to navigate tight quarters at a rapid pace.

2. Deer Mice

Deer mice share a lot of similar characteristics to house mice. They tend to be a little larger than the house mouse and are grey, white, or tan in color. They also have considerably shorter snouts. A big reason to distinguish between deer and house mice is deer mice tend to have a higher health risk. A recent study in British Columbia of 218 deer mice showed 30% were seropositive for Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease.

3. Norway Rats

These rodents pretty much like to live anywhere humans do. They are often confused with mice due to their similar appearance. As rodents, they love to chew on things. They have brown, bristly fur with black hairs interspersed throughout. Their undersides are a lighter gray or off-white to yellow coloration.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Eliminate Entry points

Rodents tend to move with changes in weather. Typically in the fall and winter months, you will see more activity in your house as they seek shelter. Identify points of entry around the exterior of your house and permanently block them or repair the damaged areas.


Using mousetraps and bait traps in areas of concern is a great way to both monitor and control mice inside your home or business. There are a plethora of options within this realm and each carries its own pros and cons. Identify areas of high activity and place traps around those areas. Keep in mind that a trap or bait station placed outside of their feeding range may not be found. When considering range, think 10-30 feet in any direction including up, down and diagonal.

Remove Attractants

Whether that rodent is looking for something to consume, chew on, or build a nest with, eliminating that source will reduce the population as quickly as other control measures. When in doubt, assume it is food that is drawing them in. Rodents are able to get their water from the food they eat, so controlling available food limits population potential.

Rodent Control Reinforcements

Rove’s Wellesley rodent control specialists have the inside scoop on rodents roaming the Wellesley neighborhoods. We can help with anything from identification to elimination. Each rodent treatment is tailored to the specific needs and situation of your home, business, or yard and comes with a guarantee.

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