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Look Out!

With slides, a forest and a cave, Look Out Ridge is the perfect indoor play place for your kids. There are other things to look out for this summer. The smallest crumb will attract a horde of ants which will begin using your home as an indoor food playground. Carpenter ants and termites aren’t satisfied with crumbs. Equipped with sharp mandibles, they’re ready to chew down your entire house one board at a time.

Your garage isn’t safe either; with long dark legs, black widow spiders are tiptoeing in, ready to hide quietly behind tools and boxes. The smallest disturbance can make them bite. Wasps and hornets are on their way to infiltrate your yard and trees. Their stingers can ruin any outdoor activity.

Furry Fiends

Bugs can be a predicament in and around your home, but they aren’t the only creatures looking to make problems. Furry rodents love our homes as much as we do. It won’t take long for them to find a way in. If there’s a hole the size of a dime a mouse can squeeze through it. They love making nests inside walls and raiding the kitchen.

Rove Pest Control has the Solution

If you’re tired of vermin turning your home into their personal indoor play place, it’s time to give Rove Pest Control a call. Getting rid of insect and rodent problems is our specialty. It’s what we do. Our technicians understand all the tricks. They’re certified and have the skills and knowledge needed to get rid of any vermin. We can keep those creepy crawly’s from ever returning.

No matter the pest problem, Rove Pest Control has the solution for you.

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