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St Paul Wolf Spiders

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8 Legs Of Running

With the end of fall approaching, the days of coming across St Paul streets blocked off for different legs of runs will soon be coming to an end. As these marathoners and 5k’ers hang up their shoes for the season, there are 8 legs that are just beginning to show up on the running radar, those of the Invasive Wolf Spider.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

During the warmer months these creepy crawlers spend their time under rocks, in small crevices, and down in small tunnels where they know that their patience will reward them with a succulent morsel of a small passing insect that will fill their arachnid belly. These protected places provide the perfect shelter from the view of their predators, and it simultaneously keeps them out of view of St Paul homeowners and business owners, but this does not mean they will remain hidden forever. As the cooler temperatures hit, these spiders will hop out of their hiding places and pursue warmer quarters which will be the man-made structures that are all around them.

Keep Them At Bay

Orange peels, natural oils, and other well-known spider repellants do little to deter them when Mother Nature is driving them indoors. They may think about heading to your neighbor’s house for a while, but if they are in hot pursuit of a scurrying insect, they will ignore these minor deterrents and trample right past them. It doesn’t help that they know that their legs are well armored and can survive the harshest of chemicals in passing. True control will only be achieved by understanding the biology of these predator pests and customizing a plan to fit their specific behaviors.

Rove Slays Spiders

The weird biology of these pests is not a foreign thing to the technicians at Rove Pest Control. They know the insects these guys chase and the best way to keep their food source gone. Most importantly, the Spider Specialists at Rove will get you the direct attack you need for the spiders to keep your home web free as well as free from surprise 8-legged visits. Contact a Rove Specialist today.