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St. Paul Bed Bug Control

However, as it turns out, this particular chemical exterminated more than Bed Bugs or other bad bugs and turned out to be a pretty nasty chemical; so it was put back in the chemistry lab.The Bed Bug is a recurring nightmare. Through the use of a deadly chemical, Bed Bug were put out of our misery in the 1940s.

Bed Bugs stayed out of site in the U.S. for over 50 years when they made a surprise return across the country. Like creepy vampires, Bed Bugs have returned for an indefinite stay; and they want to share your bed—and blood.

That’s right, Bed Bugs aren’t looking for a good night’s sleep, they are looking for you—“Hello, breakfast.” Bed Bugs love blood. That’s all they eat; or drink depending on how you look at it. And only human blood will do.

On the bright side, they are very polite eaters. You won’t feel a thing—until morning. That’s when you might notice the bites that turn into a rash. Many times, they are on your face. Get out the makeup.

During the day, Bed Bugs are mostly out of sight, so if you don’t mind the fact that Bed Bugs in Canada have been found carrying the deadly MRSA virus and if the nightly bites that turn into welts and rashes don’t bother you, then you probably don’t need to worry about Bed Bugs. If, however, you are normal, and Bed Bugs scare you, like they are starting to scare everyone across America. Then call a professional bed-bug exterminator. He will be able to slay and banish the little vampires without using a single piece of garlic.

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