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Pests For All Seasons—Minneapolis Pest Control

Minneapolis has the perfect climate . . . for pests; lakes everywhere, humid summers, crisp autumns. Carpenter ants, mice, box elder bugs, Asian ladybeetles and countless others seem to thrive in their respective seasons! In the fall before those cold Canadian ice blasts hit, they hunt for a warm haven for the holidays—your place.

The Vacancy Sign Is Out On Your Home

Even though we don’t rank insects with high intelligence, they are hardwired to outsmart you when it comes to partaking of your home. They know how to discreetly hide until such time that they become overconfident and you get shocked by a mouse feasting on your freshly baked pie cooling on the kitchen counter.

You thought you had purchased a modest Cape Cod style home, but the pests are advertising infinite vacancies in this lush high-rise apartment building. The box elder bugs have taken up residence under the siding on the south side of your house and sneak indoors any chance they get; mice love running through the wall voids gnawing on studs and wiring as well as nesting in your seasonal clothing.; carpenter ants prefer to reside inside support beams and any other wooden parts of your house; and the guest list goes on and on.

Take Back Your Home

We know you didn’t sign up to be a pest landlord when you moved into your home. You also don’t want to start a protracted war in your house; especially if you aren’t sure how to win. That’s where we come in.

We know your enemy. We tread daily the same Minneapolis & St. Paul war trenches you are trying to avoid. We know how to rid your home of pests, safely, efficiently, and lastingly. It’s what we do—and we’re experts at it.

We Make It Easy

Our pest control professionals respect you and your home. With our free inspection and consultation, not only do we rid your home of winter guest hopefuls, but we keep them from coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions With Minneapolis Pest Control

Q: I’m not seeing any pests in my home. Why would I need to hire a pest control service or need a pest control service?

A: This is probably the best time to have a pest control service treat your home. If you already had a pest infestation, it would cost more and take longer to treat. When you aren’t seeing pests, that means you can just stick to a simple maintenance program to keep pests away from your home and remain pest free.

Q: It’s winter now…won’t all the pests just die? Why would I need a pest control service to treat my home in the winter?

A: Just because you aren’t seeing active pests in your home, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Pests go through a life cycle, and often times during the winter months, pests go into a type of hibernation and nest.

You may not see many pests, but for the most part they are just building up their numbers for spring time. As temperatures warm, all of the pests you left unchecked over the winter start to emerge and you could have an infestation on your hands in no time. When it comes to Minneapolis pest control, we recommend at least a year round maintenance treatment to keep pests in check and to prevent an infestation.

Q: I do my own pest control, why would I need to hire a pest control service?

A: You may think that doing your own pest control would be enough, but doing your own pest control only goes so far. One thing to keep in mind is that the products that you can get over the counter are much different than the ones you can get through a professional Minneapolis pest control service.

The products Rove Pest Control uses have a longer residual effect than those you could get at the store on your own. That means you won’t have to treat over and over again with little to no results. You can save time and money by hiring a pest control service like Rove vs. trying to do it on your own.

If you are already doing your own pest control, keep it up! One thing our customers love is that we can treat right along side at-home efforts. We can create a full barrier around your home to keep more pests out and complement the pest control you are already doing.

Q: How do I know Rove Pest Control will do better than any other Minneapolis pest control service that I could hire?

A: There are many factors in choosing the right pest control service for your home or business. The experts at Rove have a service guarentee. This means that if between service treatments you start seeing excess pests, we will come out and treat again for free to make sure you are satisfied with the results you are getting.

Q: I have bed bugs. Do you treat for those?

A: At Rove pest control, we have a state of the art heat treatment we use to get rid of bed bugs. Not only is this treatment more effective than a chemical treatment it is also safer.

We raise the temperature in the room high enough to kill all bed bugs and after a few hours your home is safe. In addition to getting rid of the bed bugs, this treatment doesn’t damage things in your home.

Q: I have a business, do you only treat residential property or can you treat my business as well?

A: At Rove Pest Control we treat not only residential property but also commercial property. Let us keep your business pest free in addition to keeping your home safe.

Our team can treat for a vast variety of pests from rodents, to ants, to fruit flies. The team at Rove Pest Control is ready to help with all of your Minneapolis Pest control needs.

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“I hired them for a problem with mice in my basement. They were fantastic and my problem is literally gone! It I’d take a few visits and some patience on my end but overall great results.” Tom J. Mice Treatment

"Tony was SO thorough... he even removed some cobwebs from a corner of our home, and the natural insect repellant he used is nearly odor free. I would highly recommend Rove Pest Control to anyone who wants their home to be bug-free!" Kimberly P. Box Elder Bug Treatment