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Bed Bugs -
Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

“Goodnight…..don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!”

This use to be just a “sweet” little saying from days that were plagued with Bed Bugs. In the mid-20th century Bed Bugs were seemingly eradicated. They were only known to reside in filthy environments. Recently, there has been a massive resurgence.

It’s speculated that they have developed a resistance to current pesticides (since DDT is no longer legal), or it is due to the increased international travel. Conclusion? Bed Bugs are back.

They’re not going away. Instead, they are going everywhere, including your carpet, mattress, and headboard. We can once again use “don’t let the Bed Bugs bite” in the right context.

Bed Bugs are terrifying. They are like the monsters in the closet or under the bed—they only come out at night in your sleep. They take morsels of your blood and leave red marks and welts all over your skin. In the midst of a deep sleep, there’s nothing you can do until you wake up to a nightmare of uncomfortable itching and Bed Bug paranoia.

There’s no getting away from them; even the finest of hotels have Bed Bugs. Be sure to research your hotel before you go there, and if you suspect that there are Bed Bugs, inspect your luggage (including the seams) before you leave the hotel. If you find Bed Bugs, cover your luggage in a plastic bag so you can take care of the problem later. New apartments should also be inspected before you move in your precious mattresses and upholstery. Prevention is better than expulsion.

Eradicating them isn’t easy—unless you have a secret stash of DTT. Even a vacant home or apartment will not starve them. They can live months without blood. They are extremely small, and they hide about anywhere, including the seams of mattresses and even behind wallpaper.

Cleanliness is not the issue with Bed Bugs. Even the cleanest home can be infested. Because Bed Bugs can get into so many places, vacuuming the floor, bed, and washing the blankets are unlikely to make much difference. Bed bugs can hide in the light switch plates while you clean the carpet. A professional will know where to look for the bugs, how to best exterminate them, and the best equipment to do it with.

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