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Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed Bug Treatment

One of the highest priorities at Rove Pest Control is to provide its customers with the most effective treatment programs to eliminate their pest issues.

Heat treatment has been identified by pest professionals across the country as the safest and most effective way to eradicate bed bugs, bat bugs and even cockroaches.

Rove’s service technicians are professionally trained and qualified to operate the proper equipment to ensure that the three essential components of bed bug control (bringing heat, moving air and monitoring) are accomplished.

Bed Bug Treatment Steps

1. Electric heaters are strategically positioned inside of the structure to introduce and re-circulate heated air in a controlled manner not to exceed 135° Fahrenheit.

Electric Heater (small) - Inside-2

2. Wireless sensors supply real-time information on temperatures throughout the structure to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the structure and its contents.

Temperature Sensor-3

3. High temperature fans circulate & direct heated air throughout the space reaching high infestation zones as well as bed bugs burrowed into cracks and crevices.


Rove technicians use these resources to effectively bring the temperature of the structure to a level that causes death in minutes. This ensures the elimination of all bed bugs from egg to adult.

Heat Treatment Facts:

The success rate for an initial heat treatment is 97%! Customers can avoid falling in the other 3% by following preparation guidelines and post-heat recommendations to avoid re-introducing a population.

At the 2nd National Bed Bug Summit in 2011, heat treatment was identified as the treatment with the best effect for bed bug control. Heat treatment does not require the use of chemicals, thus reducing the amount of pesticides introduced into the environment. A recent study by entomologists found that bed bugs are becoming resistant to the most commonly used insecticides called pyrethroids.

Rove’s heat treatment equipment is capable of reaching the top floor of a 25-story building. Heat treatment is the only process which exterminates all three stages (egg, nymph, adult) of a bed bug in one day. Heat treatment requires professional training and attentive control to successfully eliminate bed bugs without damaging the structure and leaving cold spots which would allow for population rebound.

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