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Paper Wasp Control
in St. Paul, MN

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No Honey In This Comb

As the Minnesota Wild enter the final stages of their season, we know that the days of random honey comb shaped paper mache nests are right around the corner. Although these nests resemble how we imagine a honeycomb they do not contain any succulent honey. These nests are the product of a paper wasp expansion plan. These paper wasps gather debris such as sticks, twigs, chunks of a deck, and whatever else they can rip off and chew up to make the construction material they need to make their nest.

Bite or Sting – Take Your Pick

Wasps tend to become territorial regardless of how long after you they arrived in the area. If you are drinking a coke or eating a steak, don’t be surprised if the wasp decides it now owns this food source and it will require you share with it. An aggravated or startled wasp may sting or bite you; either of which will be painful enough to make you think twice about tangling with one in the future.

Find The Nest

Paper wasps tend to build their nests in overhangs and areas where their young will be protected from the elements. While their paper mache nest can be built quickly, water would be detrimental to its longevity. The key to getting a wasp family out of your yard is locating and removing the nest. Finding the nests can be quite the challenge, as the nests tend to be hidden and blend in

Create A Sting-Free Zone

If hunting down wasp nests is not your thing, or if you simply don’t want to deal with the worry of them terrorizing your yard, call a Rove Wasp Specialist today. Rove’s Wasp Specialists are experts at locating the nests and getting them removed for you. They can even apply a product to deter the wasps from coming back and building another nest. Don’t wait for spring’s first sting; call Rove Pest Control today.