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Stillwater MN
Pest Control

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Stillwater MN Pest Control

From the lift bridge and the shops on main street ot the never ending staircase, the quirks of this old community draw in the visitors by the thousands. Although you will be hard pressed to find the floating log rafts that saw the town boom, the river way and its scenery continue to be a central part of Stillwater’s draw. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that all of this beauty and natural attraction would turn to be a draw to all other forms of life.

Stillwater has no lack of abundance of insects, arachnids, and small vermin. Whether it is a squirrel storing acorns in your attic to survive the blustery winter snows that pound the shores of the St Croix relentlessly, or the raccoon digging through your trash, you are sure to encounter the wildlife at some point in your Stillwater residence. Unfortunately, not all wildlife is so conspicuous. Mice can squeeze in through ¼ inch gaps throughout your home, and these size gaps are found….nearly ANYWHERE.

They’re coming in!

If you think the mouse’s ability to compress itself is disturbing, don’t even think of checking out what a beetle, spider, or ant need for space to get into your home. These tiny creatures are magicians when it comes to finding a way into even the tightest homes that were just built this year. Since keeping them at bay is no simple chore, it is best to have a pest strategy in place sooner than later.

Don’t run down to the U of M campus and start your entomology degree, rely on the experts that deal with these unwanted invaders day in and day out all year long. Your local creature connoisseurs at Rove Pest Control have the answers, tools, and experience you need to rid your home and yard of pests you don’t want as well as how to keep these pests out in the first place. Call and schedule a free consultation today and find out how Rove can customize a plan to suit your needs.