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We’re Outnumbered!

Did you know the estimated ratio of insects to humans is 200 million to one! Though some of them have a positive purpose in life, others are damaging, harmful and just a complete nuisance. We all know Hastings has a plethora of different pests that we would love to eliminate. 2015 brought with it one of the higher stinging insect years in a long time.  Pest control is a must!

Cold = No Bugs

It is winter in Hastings, MN and not one bug is to be seen around. So they must all be gone, right? Wrong! To survive such cold winters, many pests replace their body water with a chemical called glycerol, which acts as an “antifreeze” against the temperatures. They also find their way under the siding of your home and into your walls to provide them with enough heat to survive. Insects have many talents, one of them being the ability to survive.

Time to Defend or Homes

Now that we understand the insects and rodents do not simply roll over and die when the cold weather hits, what are we to do? Fall is the perfect time to replace the weather striping on that garage door that we have been meaning to do for months. Or put down a bead of caulk around a few windows that may need it. Sealing up entry points is a great way to help in with you fight to keep your home pest free.

Rove Can Protect Your Home

Rove Pest Control has certified specialists that can help guard your home from unwanted pests. Give us a call to have a specialist inspect your home if you suspect you have some areas needing sealed. Our goal is not to only take care of the issue on the surface, but your home and yard as well. Then maintaining a protective, maintenance barrier to ensure these pests don’t return with a vengeance.