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Don’t do it Yourself

For the landscaping do-it-yourself planner there’s Zywiec’s Berryland Farms. They have hundreds of trees and shrubs and outdoor designs to choose from. If insects are raiding your home the do-it–yourself mentality no longer works. Pests are getting more difficult to treat. Pesticides from the local hardware store are not effective. That’s why Cottage Grove has Rove Pest Control.

The Indoor Issues

Biting people as they sleep, Bed bugs are on the rise. Entomologists recommend professional assistance with eradication. Over the counter chemicals are ineffective. Ants are difficult as well; killing the little workers might make you feel better; however, unless the queen is eliminated those smashed ants will soon be replaced. No matter the precautions, earwigs and spiders can find their way in to any home. Carpenter ants and termites will make more work than a do-it-yourselfer can manage. Large infestations can damage a home beyond repair.

Outdoor Obstacles

Pests don’t stop with your home, there are plenty that love to cause problems in your yard. If you have a Box Elder Tree, it’s only a matter of time until you have a swarm of Box Elder Bugs. Wasps emerge in late March and by June have built massive nests with hundreds of stinger ready guards. Get too close and they will attack. Voles can turn a beautiful green yard into a checkerboard of holes and dirt piles.

Rove Pest Control has the Solution

Pests are more resilient than ever. Common pesticides aren’t enough. If you’re tired of vermin infesting your home and yard, you don’t have to do-it-yourself. You’re not alone in the fight. It’s time to give Rove Pest Control a call. We understand Integrated Pest Management procedures and use a variety of methods to control outbreaks. Pesticide application is only one tool in our eradication tool box. Our technicians understand the target pest. We know the life cycles and how to eliminate problems. We’ll work with you to create a no pest zone inside and out.

No matter the pest problem, Rove Pest Control has the solution for you.