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Unsightly Intruders

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Although more of a nuisance pest than likely to cause injury, the Asian beetles are once again looking to make their way into a home near you…and quite possibly even into your home! These pesky lady-bug look-a-likes that you last remember from the fall are now back in droves as temperatures start to rise.

Sun Bathing Beetles

Asian lady beetles love the sun because of both the heat and the light. In fact, studies have shown that they are attracted to illuminated surfaces. These beetles tend to congregate on the sunnier, southwest sides of homes which are illuminated by the afternoon and evening sun. Your home could be the perfect tanning bed for these critters despite your objections.

St. Paul Pests

As temperatures begin to warm up and you thought it was the perfect time to enjoy your yard, so too do the Asian beetles. In fact, scores of these pests can also be found inside your home as they congregate around windows, doorframes, exterior siding and wall voids. Any crack or crevice around the home or yard is a welcome resting spot for these intrusive beetles. St. Paul has proven to be the perfect breeding grounds for Asian lady beetles.

Rove’s Impact

Let a Rove specialist protect your home from an Asian lady beetle infestation by treating your home’s areas of beetle access. Rove’s customized interior and exterior services will provide you and your home the relief needed to enjoy your surroundings without the worry of Asian beetles.

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