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Rochester, Minnesota
Pest Control

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Rochester, Minnesota Pest Control

There is not much better feeling than walking into the stadium to watch the Rochester Giants play after a long day at Mayo. There are plenty of things to occupy your mind and attention in the regular Rochester hustle and bustle without having to worry about what is sneaking into your home.
Whether your home was built with the turn of the century or just finished the build this spring, you have plenty of non-human invaders that want a turn coming in from the summer heat and winter cold. Pests of all sorts want to utilize cracks, crevices and other entry points to gain access to your home and enjoy the comforts you intend for yourself.

Be leery of giving pests what they need to survive

Nobody wants to imagine a mouse lurking behind the walls waiting for you to drop a crumb and leave the room or spiders lurking in the corners knowing that some other pests will pass by sooner or later. Nobody wants to think about these pests or others, but these pests are completely bent on survival and population growth and your home offers the food, shelter, and water source they need for a wonderful life.

Watch for wasps and mosquitos

Not all pests are concerned about going inside of your home. Wasps may want to build outside in the cover of the eaves, Japanese Beetles love to take advantage of your trees, and mosquitoes are happy to hang out in the shade until your exposed skin ventures too closely to them.
With all of these natural threats to your peace and tranquility converging from every angle, it is nice to know that these pests do not have to be a part of every day life. There are methods that can be used to expel the ones that have made a home with you inside or out. In addition, proactive measures can be put in place to keep pests from returning as well as stopping neighborhood pests from locating you and your safe haven.

As fall approaches so do the pests…

With the seasons quickly starting to change here in Rochester, MN and temperatures continue to drop and the changing leaves are just around the corner, we aren’t the only ones thinking about spending more time indoors. As the weather changes all sorts of bugs and pests start looking for a place to stay for the winter. Whether it’s ants, spiders, centipedes, box elder bugs, or even larger pests like mice and rats, many homes are vulnerable and don’t even know it.

Home is where the nest is

It doesn’t matter if you live near the Mayo Clinic or by Silver lake, as the seasons start to change your home is the ideal location for pests looking for a place to stay this winter. As the seasons change and your house settles over time, cracks and crevices start to form around your house. These are prime access points you may not even know are there, where pests get in. If you miss blocking these access points, the bugs and pests like spiders can get inside your home and walls and start to reproduce and spread over the winter.

Out of sight out of mind?

Our winters in Rochester and Minnesota are hit-or-miss for some, causing most of us to spend a lot of time inside to escape the cold. Even though you may be inside more and not seeing much for pest activity, it doesn’t really mean they aren’t there. Winter is prime time for pests to build up their nests and prepare for the warmer weather coming up in the spring.
At Rove Pest Control, we provide service year-round to keep the pests who managed to get inside your home in the fall in check so you don’t end up with an infestation as the warmer weather approaches in spring and summer.
This is why a seasonal pest control service is necessary to protect your home year-round. This year-round protection is exactly what Rove Pest Control’s quarterly general pest control treatments focus on. With each interior/exterior service, the primary goal is to break up the nesting sites and reproductive cycles of various pests around your home and yard. Our job is to keep pests from getting in and get rid of the ones that already did, to keep your home pest free.

Rove’s got your back

When Rove Pest Control comes out to treat your home, our first step is the create a bug barrier to keep them out. Our technicians treat the exterior and foundation of the home to create this barrier. We also treat the eaves for spiders, wasps, box elders, etc. Our inside service focuses on treating those areas where pests sneak into your home such as, (window tracks, entry ways, and around plumbing under sinks). We also do a perimeter yard granulation treatment, which creates a secondary barrier in the yard to keep ants, spiders, ticks, etc. from migrating towards your home. Call your Rove Pest Specialist today to find out what kind of treatment will work best for your home and yard and learn how the service guarantee will keep you protected all year long.

Contact the Best Rochester Pest Control Company

What if you would rather continue spending your time at the Chateau Theatre or watching the Ice Hawks play instead of dedicating time to learning about bugs and how to keep them away? Lucky for you, Pest Experts at Rove Pest Control dedicate their days to ensuring you don’t have to worry about them. Contact Rove today at (651) 401-8212 to find out how you can get ahead of the pests and keep them off your plate of worries.

What do mosquitoes eat?

What do mosquitoes eat?