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Bed Bug Control

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Rochester Bed Bug Control

Grandma always used to tell me to sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. She said and did a lot of strange things, but I have come to find out that her advice in this realm is sound. Peace of mind is essential to great sleep and good sleep is a key component to all of the things that make life wonderful. In lieu of the more wonderful life, here are the key points you need to know about Rochester bed bug control.

Know the Signs

Just like we know signs for the 52 direct us to the cities up north or the 90 to the south, certain signs will let us know when and where we need to dig deeper regarding bed bugs. The signs include:

  • Pepper flakes – if you are in the kitchen and see pepper flakes where your kids probably spilled them, you are just fine; carry on. If you are changing the linens and you see something that looks like pepper flakes on the seams of the mattress, you should dig in and find out if someone was cooking some bedroom pepper steak or if you have a case of bed bug droppings to activate Rochester bed bug control.
  • Blood spots, smears, and streaks – unless you are regularly bringing home leaky blood samples from your shifts at the Mayo, blood signs are always worth exploring. You may find out your toddler is having bloody noses or bed bugs are getting squished when people roll over at night. The former may need a humidifier and the latter may need Rochester bed bug control.
  • Roaming watermelon seeds – You don’t have to be a botanist to know that watermelon seeds should not be crawling and should not be in the bedroom. Bed bugs are about the same size and shape as watermelon seeds, so this can be your guide on adult bed bug hunting in the Rochester bed bug control inspection and monitoring process.

While there are other signs you can look for, these are the most prominent.

Not Just Beds

Bed bugs are named for and most well-known for their bedroom presence, but they may end up in any part of a home or business. When the female is impregnated, it occurs through a process called traumatic inception and it is just as bad as it sounds. She will run from the population for survival. This means she and her eggs could end up anywhere.

Also, bed bugs will go anywhere they can get a blood meal. This may mean infesting your favorite love seat or recliner. Finally, bed bugs are master hitchhikers. This is their primary method of traveling to new hosts and locations. This is why regular inspection is a key element of Rochester bed bug control.

Trade Tools

Bed bugs are hearty creatures that are quite resistant to treatments. Rochester bed bug control should incorporate various elements into the control process such as:

  • Pitfall traps
  • Exclusion
  • Lure traps
  • Heat
  • Freezing
  • Biological controls
  • Barrier treatments
  • Crack and crevice applications
  • Void treatments

Don’t worry about diving into the literature to figure out the best fit for your situation. Simply call the biting insect specialists at Rove Pest Control and we will custom build the fastest path out of bed bug disturbance possible.

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