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Marlborough Pest Control

On a recent trip to Boundless Adventures, I noticed the similarities in human and pest behavior. Coincidentally, Marlborough could be nicknamed boundless adventures for insects and arachnids of all sorts. From Honeypot Hill Orchards to the trees behind your home, pests are looking for their next adventure. Luckily Rove Pest Control is on your side to keep things where they should be. Here are the Marlborough Pests to watch out for.

Marlborough Insects

There are thousands of insects bouncing and flying around your homes and businesses. They are happy to join you inside to grab a tasty treat, get out of the summer sun, or avoid the latest nor’easter. Many insects are harmless or even beneficial, but the following warrant further investigation:

Wasps – their numbers can grow quickly and their sting packs quite the punch
Flies – depending on the type, certain flies carry too many diseases to be ignored
Ants – they have their place, but that shouldn’t be your wall voids, kitchen, or picnic
Roaches – believe it or not, there are some good cockroaches, but most need immediate attention
Bed bugs – Anything that wants to use you as a blood meal should be eliminated
Mosquitoes – in addition to the bed bug similarities, they carry diseases like other flies

Marlborough Arachnids

We may not have the plethora of arachnid varieties that are found farther south in the US, but we have plenty to be aware of. Like insects, many arachnids are beneficial and help keep things in check, but not all of them. The main arachnids to be aware of include:

Spiders – all spiders are venomous to their prey. Only some are dangerous for people. Knowing which spiders such as widows can be harmful and which are likely to join you indoors help distinguish among spiders to worry about vs those to name and let live in the barn.

Ticks – like the blood-sucking insects, never a good thing to have around. Additionally,l ticks carry a host of diseases. It is important to have protective measures in place for ticks directly as well as hosts that may carry them in.

Mites – most mites hang around out of sight and out of mind without posing any real issues. There are certain mites such as the clover mite (which can build up large populations and cause issues in structures) and the bird mite (which indicate other issues going on that may need to be addressed) that are worth being aware of.

Marlborough Rodents

While we won’t be having any classic movies about rodents of unusual size being made in Marlborough, we do have enough variety and quantity to keep us on our toes. The rodent regulars of Marlborough include:

  • Mice – From the house mouse to the deer mouse, each species of mouse carries a little bit different type of threat as well as their own assortment of potential disease spreading.
  • Rats – Nope, unfortunately, these are not just a thing of downtown Boston. There are a few different types of rats that can make their way into residences and businesses from old to new construction in Marlborough.
  • Shrews – Surprisingly not just something to be tamed. These show up from time to time and can be indicators of potential underlying issues such as a mouse population and exclusion work that needs to be addressed.

Bringing It All Together

While all related, Marlborough’s pest lineup control measures need to be robust enough to cover everything and specific enough to get the details right and be effective. Nobody wants to waste their recreational funds on excessive pest efforts, so tap into the expertise and knowledge base at Rove Pest Control to get a customized and continuously updated pest plan for your specific home or office. We take the guesswork out of the changing seasons and ebbs and flows of pest populations.