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Spider Control

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Marlborough Spider Control

Spiders are scary little creatures that we pretty much all dislike – except for our weirdo associate certified entomologist down the hall. He thinks they make great pets, but for the rest of us, we know them for making webs in and around our house and startling us when we want to step out of the shower. It doesn’t help that you can even see them feeding on disgusting insects in places you least expect it. They are natural born hunters. As foundations settle (yes that includes you owners of the freshly built homes), cracks and crevices form providing perfect places for spiders to enter, pursue prey, and nest. Marlborough spider control starts with knowing each home is susceptible and should be regularly inspected since spiders are clues as to other things occurring.

What So Spiders Like to Eat?

Spiders are predators by nature and they typically feed on insects. Interestingly, they can only eat liquids. There is something we definitely have as a one-up on them. In order to consume arthropods (or small mammals in the case of some tarantulas), they have to inject a liquefier into their victim so they can slurp out the innards.

Not all spiders obtain their prey in the same way. Some craft intricate webs to catch their prey (think Charlotte’s Web), and others can even use their web to slingshot through the air to hunt! Others sneak attack from trap doors or simply run their prey down like an 8 legged cheetah. My favorites are the tricksters and mimickers that pretend to be other insects. It is typical for a house that already has insects inside their home to also have spiders as well as it is the perfect hunting grounds. Marlborough spider control requires knowing what kind of spider you are dealing with to put together the perfect eradication plan.

3 Marlborough Spiders That Inspire Calls

1. Orb-weaver Spider

Orb-weaver spiders are typically known for their circular web design. It can be tough to identify this species outside of the design of its web because it is a vast family of many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are large and typically colorful. Whether this means they are beautiful natural arts or hideous beasts is a matter of perspective.

You can typically find these spiders around your garden and vegetation. You can identify their web its circular pattern and the design can appear the spokes on a wagon wheel. If you are a trail runner, these are the chaps that catch your face in their web when you are the first on the trail.

If you see one or two of these roaming the home, just know they are lost. Kindly show them the door and they will gladly stay outside where their food is plentiful.

2. Jumping Spiders

These are a smaller type of spider that has 8 eyes 2 very prominent seeing-circles which are positioned on the top of their head. They tend to be colored in a more dull manor and are known for unique jumping ability. They move in spurts and are entertaining to watch. These bursts of movement are related to their hydraulic locomotion where they rapidly increase their blood pressure to cause their legs to straighten (spiders lack extensors….another area we are one-up on them).

Jumping spiders can jump as high as 25 times their own size. This makes them extremely efficient predators that have no problem taking down their prey.

3. Northern Black Widow

The Northern Black Widow can be identified by its black body with red and white markings. It hassling skinny legs and a very bulb shaped rear.

These arachnids though predators to insects typically won’t go out of their way to harm humans. You typically will find them in dark or remote areas like under crawl spaces and in attics. Though their venom is not lethal to healthy humans in can still cause severe pain and local redness.

The Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Spiders

Treat known breeding and feeding grounds

This can typically be tough as they will nest and lay their eggs in hard-to-reach areas. This is especially tough with wolf spiders which are wandering hunters. Nonetheless, if you have a good idea of where they are coming from, having a protective barrier in place ahead of time will ensure that hatching yellow-sac spiders will come in contact with their demise soon after hatching and before they get to make more of themselves.

Feeding ground treatment can be the key to solving spider issues. This doesn’t always have to be pesticides or acaricides. Any treatment that reduces their food will in turn reduce them. This may also include:

  • light adjustments
  • humidity alterations
  • exclusion
  • changing how things are stored or arranged
  • other environmental or mechanical controls

Keep in mind that combination treatments are the most effective by attacking from different angles.

Know where they like to call home

Finding their homes can be difficult, but monitoring their activity with glue traps near areas where you are seeing a lot of activity is typically a good idea. This goes hand in hand with our first remedy as well as assisting with identification. Our first instinct is to describe the spider as having 27 legs, being the size of a chocolate muffin, and as hairy as Sasquatch with fangs the size of a jousting spear. Having an actual sample that you can snap a picture of (or have our spider specialist retrieve on the first inspection), will help the Rove spider squad put together the perfect Marlborough spider control plan for your home.

Call For Backup

Controlling spiders can be a bit daunting but attainable. The latter is especially true when you have us on your side. Rove pest control will take care of the spider control, the food source control, and provide you with a guarantee that covers the months we aren’t there on site.

If you’re tired of trying to get rid of spiders in and around your home, call or email Rove Pest Control and ask about Marlborough spider control specifics for your home.

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