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Wasp Control

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Marlborough Wasp Control

Wasps are innovative creatures. From industrious paper-making to preying on insects, they provide multiple benefits. That being said, if a wasp sets up a nest in your trees, eaves, or even in cracks in your foundation, they can be a menacing pest to deal with. For better or worse, wasps do not discriminate on the age of the Marlborough structure they choose. Take back your space, call in the Rove Pest Control Marlborough ant control experts.

What Wasps Like to Eat

Wasps love to eat sweet things. Their biological supply of tasty treats comes from the larva they feed. Adult wasps gather proteins that the developing brood requires and trade them in for the larva’s sweet secretions. Despite mother nature setting up a wonderful system, they have no problems cheating. They will bypass their work and fight you for your coke instead.

Wasps are very territorial creatures and will get very aggressive when they are protecting their nests and food sources. Interestingly, they have no problem staking their claim on your food that is sitting right in front of you and will defend it as if they cooked it themselves.

3 Common Types of Wasp in Marlborough

1. Bald Face Hornet

The bald face hornet has a black body with a yellowish-white face and yellowish-white markings along its body. These pesky critters can grow to be larger than one inch long. When they are a larvae they are fed insects, however, as adults, they feed on a combination of insects and nectar.

These wasps like to build paper mache nests hanging from trees or embedded in bushes. They passionately protect their nest and will attack when threatened with a painful sting. They are quick builders and just as proficient reproducers.

2. Yellow Jacket

These smaller types of wasps are noted by their black and yellow markings and can be often seen around your picnics and near anything sweet. You can also identify them by their hovering side-to-side flight pattern.

Yellow jackets nest slightly different from species to species. They create their nests underground, in holes in trees, and they can even nest in the cracks and crevices of your home. They can be quite aggressive and attack with a painful sting when threatened. They are also known for delivering multiple stings in certain situations.

3. Cicada Killer

These wasps are very large and can grow to be over two inches long. As their name suggests, their food of choice is the cicada. They tend to burrow underground and can create unwelcome damage to your lawn and vegetation.

Cicada killers are different in the sense that they are not avid nest protectors. Their primary target for their stinger is their prey. Cicada killers deliver a paralyzing sting. They can still be defensive toward humans if handled roughly or unduly threatened.

The Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Carefully Take Down Their Nests

Wasps can be very hostile when their nest is attacked. It is best to neutralize the nest prior to destroying it to avoid scattering the populations and to make removal as complete as possible. PPE will help to avoid potential stings and also to prevent contact with any products being used in the control process.

Know Where They Like to Call Home

Wasps can create nests in a variety of places. They can create nests hanging from trees and eaves of homes or bury them deep. Some species will create their nests inside trees or rodent burrows. Most importantly, some types will create nests inside cracks and holes in the sides of your foundation. Accurate identification of the type of wasp will help indicate where they are likely hanging out.

Help is Around The Corner

If you find that you are uncomfortable dealing with these aggressive critters call a licensed wasp expert. Marlborough wasp control experts at Rove Pest Control are ready to help with everything from identification and control to prevention.

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