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Rodent Control

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Marlborough Rodent Control

Marlborough has some of the best parks in the nation. The Grove Conservation is no exception. There are plenty of options of activities to do once you are there including water access, having a nice snack, going on a run or hike with your family, and even finding that special someone. While this is a nice place for humans to visit, The Grove can also be a breeding ground for local rodents. This means you not only need a Marlborough entertainment plan, but also a Marlborough rodent control plan.

Know the Threats

Each rodent found in Marlborough is seeking something. Some of what they seek resembles activities you and I would do:

  • Have a nice snack – looking for food
  • Get water access – while we would canoe or go fishing, rodents are looking for drinking water more than recreation. That being said, most rodents are able to get adequate hydration needs from the food they eat.
  • Go for a run with the family – rodents are looking for places to hide from their predators. Additionally, rodents have been observed to be more active when there is noise around. Whether this is because they are more jittery or know the sound covers them during their running hobby, they are quite active.
  • Find that special someone – rodents in the area could use this area for potential nesting sites.

Understanding what rodents are seeking will help determine where they are located, where they might nest next, and what needs to be adjusted to prevent rodents from coming into your home.

Marlborough rodent control targets include mice, rats, and voles. These rodents cause all sorts of damage. They can damage your yard or home. In many cases, they contaminate food stores. Some rodents carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans. We can tolerate these rodents living in Marlborough parks but not in our homes.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge of what these rodents are looking for and what to do about rodents can help prevent them from getting into the home. Marlborough buildings (new and old) should be inspected regularly. Weather is the number one factor into how and why rodents invade the home. Homes take a beating for each storm it faces. This can dramatically impact structures during the year and from year to year. Look out for holes and cracks that rodents can call home. Ideally, Marlborough rodent control occurs before they enter the home. This includes fixing or blocking potential entryways before rodents access and settle in for the long haul. Inspecting can be challenging throughout the year such as when the leaves or snow try and cover everything in Marlborough including the great parks.

If you start to notice rodents, getting the correct identification and reaching out to the local pest experts is the key to success in Marlborough rodent control. We can educate you, notice the warning signs, and help prevent rodents from coming into the home.

Develop the Process

Rodent activity can change from year to year and even season to season. Most rodents do not have a one step, simple solution to their control. Rodent control in Marlborough is a process and matching up the correct tools with the corresponding pest in the right order is key to success. The basic process includes:

  • Monitor activity
  • Identify the culprit
  • Learn the Biology of said invader
  • Determine Thresholds for various actions
  • Tactical Planning
  • Cultural management practices
  • Physical management strategies
  • Biological management methods
  • Chemical management options
  • Evaluate the current situation, upcoming changes, and potential new developments

In some cases, a single plan can be put together for a property, but in many cases, the plan may need to be multi-faceted and incorporate several tools working in conjunction.

Follow Up and Follow Up Some More

Whether you are looking at the last step in a single given process or the changing of the seasons, nothing stays the same for long in Marlborough. Changes in construction, landscaping, weather, etc. will bring changes to the rodent populations. This is why we provide our clients with regular services (as often as necessary) for rodents as well as other pests. Additionally, if something changes before we are scheduled to come back out, we cover that too.

Reach out to one of our rodent specialists to get your custom Marlborough rodent control plan in place so you don’t have to worry about sharing both a park and a home with rodents. We can share the park with rodents but not our homes.

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