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Sun Prairie
Ant Control

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Sun Prairie Ant Control

It is ant season in Sun Prairie. As the weather starts to warm up the ants come out to find suitable locations for new satellite colonies. During the hot stretch, they may come inside seeking shade, water and food. As it cools off, colonies seek protection from the elements and a calm place where they won’t burn through their winter stores too quickly. If they run low, they will forage in the home to replenish. Yup! It is always ant season in Sun Praire.

Ants lead each other to food by leaving a pheromone trail that allows other ants to follow. This means more ants are on their way if one finds itself in your home. Some ant species even have satellite colonies, which mitigates their risk of dying off and increases resourcefulness. Killing one colony might not be enough. Finding the queen ant is key because she can lay up to 800 eggs in one day and can live up to 10 plus years (depending on species). In some species, there may be hundreds of queens per colony. That is a lot of ants. Sun Prairie ant control starts with knowing your foe.

Common Ants in Sun Prairie

One of the more common ants in Sun Prairie is the pavement ant. They are brown in color and can be around 1/8 of an inch in size. This ant got its name by nesting in the soil next to and near driveways, slabs, and sidewalks. Pavement ants will sometimes carry soil into a wall to form a nest. If you start to notice piles of dirt under baseboards or on top of a basement or garage floor, you may have a pavement ant family living in your home.

Another common ant in Sun Prairie is the carpenter ant. These ants are not the most home friendly ants to have around. These ants will tunnel through wood for nesting. Keep in mind, they don’t consume wood like termites. Also, they are quite opportunistic. They look for wood that has been softened by moisture or fungal decay. Nonetheless, the thought of ants carving out galleries in the structure of your home or business is not a fun one. Carpenter ants can get as large as ⅝ of an inch long and can vary in color (black, red, red and black). If you notice wood shavings around the house you will want to inspect for carpenter ants and begin Sun Prairie ant control.

One of the more frustrating ants around Sun Praire is the little black ant. Its commonplace name is representative of its prevalence. These ants will build up large numbers unnoticed and surprise people with sudden appearances in:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Carpeted areas

The worst part is they are not focused on one season. In some cases, the first time people encounter these is in the middle of winter! They are extremely small and fit through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Sun Prairie ant control for the little black ant should be done before appearances since they tend to appear suddenly.

The Solution to Ant Activity

Ant activity can change from season to season (and let’s be honest – week to week and day to day). Most ants do not have a one-step, simple solution to their control. It is a process and matching up the correct tools with the corresponding ant situation. Sun Prairie ant control should include:

  • Regular inspection and monitoring
  • Preventive/corrective environmental controls
  • Exclusion
  • Sanitation
  • Follow Up

Sun Prairie ant control may also include:

  • Baits
  • Sprays
  • Dusts
  • Aerosols

Follow up, you said?

With houses in Sun Prairie, it is best to follow up with an ant specialist to see if you have any areas of concern already. As foundations settle on homes, they leave cracks and crevices that grant ants access inside your home. Changes in construction, landscaping, weather, etc. will bring changes to ant populations, locations and behaviors. This is why we provide our clients with regular monitoring and control for ants and any other pests that need addressed. Additionally, if something changes before we are scheduled to come back out, we cover that too!

Reach out to a Sun Prairie ant control pest specialist from Rove to get your custom plan in place so you don’t have to worry about sharing your home, business, picnic, or yard with ants.

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