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Sun Prairie
Spider Control

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Sun Prairie Spider Control

Some of them hunt down their prey on foot. Others infiltrate populations through disguise and deception. Most are known for catching their prey in mid-stride or mid-flight. That is right, spiders in Sun Prairie are where we turn our focus. These persistent predators aren’t satisfied feeding on the plethora of giant, eagle-like mosquitoes we have surrounding our yards. They feel the need to join us in our comfortable living and working spaces. The plumbing and wiring running through our structures might as well be Hwy 151 for these 8 legged pests. Sun Prairie spider control is relevant in each season of the year.

What Do Spiders Like To Eat?

Spiders are predators by nature and they typically feed on insects or other arachnids. Some craft intricate webs to catch their prey, and others can even use their web to slingshot through the air to hunt. Since we all have insects hanging out around our homes, spiders view our structures as ideal hunting grounds. Sun Prairie spider control begins with reducing the insect population to reduce the belly-filling attractions.

3 Types of Spider Hunters

Orb-weaver Spider

Orb-weaver spiders can be one of the hardest species of spider to identify since it is such a large family with so many different features. They are going to typically have stand-out body shapes and colors, but are best identified by their web. These spiders are typically known for their circular web design like Charlotte’s web before she took up writing. You can typically find these spiders around your garden and vegetation.

Jumping Spiders

These are a smaller type of spider that has 8 eyes 2 which are positioned on the top of their head. These spiders tend to be marked with dull colors and are known for their unique jumping abilities. They lurch to and fro in spurts. Their movement isn’t one of muscle and pulleys but driven by blood pressure. Increases in blood pressure move the legs in a hydraulic fashion.

Jumping spiders as in their name can jump as far as 25 times their own size. This makes them have different hunting styles than most of their cousins as they prefer to use their jumping skills to catch their prey. These are active hunters.

Mimic Spiders

These spiders have the ability to mimic ants to gain access to the inner workings of the colony. By disguising their legs as antennae and falling in line with the march of the ants, they engage in the highest stakes acting performance. The mimic spider is great for showing how dedicated spiders are to getting their food and going where they want to. Sun Prairie spider control has to be on par with their efforts to hold up.

Sayonara Spiders

Spider Control Steps

Achieving spider control begins with monitoring and identification, but has a few different avenues that may need to be addressed including:

  • Reduced access through exclusion efforts
  • Alterations in lighting
  • Moisture reduction
  • Nest location and treatment
  • Food source reduction
  • Follow up

Know Where They Like To Call Home

Finding their homes can be difficult, but monitoring their activity with glue traps near areas where you are seeing activity is typically a good idea. This goes hand in hand with our first remedy of monitoring and identification.

Call For Backup

Controlling spiders can be a bit daunting but you don’t have to tackle it alone. Whether you need help with one small piece to connect the dots or want to turn the whole Sun Prairie spider control picture over to us, we are here to help. The arachnid specialists at Rove Pest Control have the tools and know-how needed to get things moving in the right direction and free your focus up for more important things.

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