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Fitchburg Rodents Control

When I see rodent droppings in the corner of my garage (I’m not in the mood to talk about finding them in the silverware drawer), I wonder why Roscoe Mitchell doesn’t grab his saxophone and just Pied Piper those mice right out of Fitchburg. While we wait for this marvelous miracle, let’s explore the most effective Fitchburg rodent control techniques available.

When Rodents Leave

We can imagine how glorious the day would be with no mice hanging around after the pied piper. Some of us have even had the joy of defeating a mouse or two and having order restored to the household. In these situations, the battle seems like it has been one, but there is a law of voids when it comes to rodents. If there is a place to stay and food to eat, other rodents will eventually find it and occupy it. Sometimes this void may exist for a short period and others for longer, but it ultimately repeats.

In order to stop rodents from finding their way back into our homes and businesses, we need to include 3 key elements in our Fitchburg rodent control efforts:

  1. Exclusion & repairs
  2. External monitoring and control
  3. Internal sanitation & food reduction

Exclusion and Repairs

Blocking entry points is key to Fitchburg rodent control. If a mouse or a rat can get its head through, the rest of the body can follow. This means things as small as ¼” will grant access to an adult and a young mouse may need significantly less. With their keen attention to detail and ability to smell the faintest hint of food from a long way off, mice and rats will pick up on even well-hidden access points. Exclusion and repairs may include:

  • Inspecting weatherstripping (sometimes it is in place, but is old and needs to be replaced)
  • Checking door and window seals for tight fit including door sweeps
  • Verifying no gaps have developed around pipes and wiring entering the home
  • Looking high and low for potential entry points (tree branches & their ability to run up vertical surfaces can grant high access)

External Monitoring and Control

Keeping tabs on the external population can be key. If high populations are developing around a structure, it is only a matter of time before they find a way to slip in through a door swinging closed. Additionally, if rodents are constantly around, the opportunity for them to work on creating entry points increases more than we would like. Rodents love to chew by nature, so let’s not let any hang around to chew through car wires or chew their way into something. A good monitoring system will provide the necessary information to kick up Fitchburg rodent control efforts when necessary before waiting until they are past our comfort threshold.

Internal Sanitation & Food Reduction

When mice are around, they are pretty quick to leave disease pathogens in their wake. Sometimes this is from them walking directly through things and other times it is from their feces and urine. Regardless, Fitchburg rodent control includes keeping the environment clean and healthy. Part of this process includes sealing up food in rodent proof containers. Don’t forget about the pet food, crumbs that fall out of sight, and stored boxes and bags of food. Rodents can still smell food through many store packaging systems and will be happy to help themselves. Depending on the trash situation, it can be key to limit the amount of access to discarded food. Many trash receptacles have kept rodent populations thriving despite other control efforts.

Still Hunting for the Pied Piper?

We may not have a magical flute or sax to play, but we do have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to keep rodents off your proverbial (and literal) plate. The rodent experts at Rove Pest Control are ready and happy to hop in at any point (from identification to eradication to prevention) in the Fitchburg rodent control process.

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