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Bed Bug Control

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Fitchburg Bed Bug Control

McGaw Park isn’t the only place where like bodies are gathering. While we humans love to gather in parks to share in recreation and food, bed bugs are hitchhiking and gathering for food as well. Instead of sharing in a tasty watermelon or cantaloupe, these nasty creatures are joining up for a blood meal. We all want to believe it will never be a worry of ours, but the best way to ensure it stays that way is to develop a preemptive Fitchburg bed bug control plan. If they already found you, the plan must be to get life back to sleep-tight mode.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are stealthy, small and fit into some small places. About the size of a watermelon seed and a similar shape (except for when they are super fattened up from a recent overindulgence on blood), these true bugs need blood to live. They cannot substitute in nectar, chocolate, or anything else. In fact, different species are quite selective on their tastes and don’t even want blood from different species. Bat bugs like bats, common bed bugs like people, etc. Keep an eye out for the following to kick off Fitchburg bed bug control efforts:

  • Blood stains
  • Fecal flakes (looks like pepper)
  • Cast skins (bed bugs molt as they progress through nymphal stages)
  • Live bed bugs
  • Eggs

Bed Bug Locations

Bed bugs are efficient creatures. They do not like to travel long distances unless they need to do so because of:

  • extended host absence
  • population pressures
  • traumatic inception survival mode

We like to travel out of boredom. Bed bugs are happy to just sit still and wait for feeding time again. They will find cozy places to squeeze into that provide protection and quick access back to their host. This may be in:

  • mattress seams
  • box springs
  • picture frames
  • electronics
  • headboard gaps
  • baseboard seams
  • couches
  • clothes piles

Travel Agents

Bed bugs are natural-born travelers. Their preferred modality is hitchhiking, but they will wander from room to room if need be. The beauty of hitchhiking for bed bugs is they can cover large distances in short time periods. Hopping in a shoe tread for a few hours may take a bed bug from an apartment in a warm southern state all the way to a bedroom near you in Fitchburg. They have been known to utilize books, purses, suitcases, and just about anything they can hide in. Part of Fitchburg’s bed bug control is awareness of this habit. After we do our travels, we should always immediately inspect for traveling bed bugs before settling down for the post-trip relaxation.

Finish Them Off

Fitchburg bed bug control can be complicated and frustrating, but don’t give up. Make sure to continue the control efforts until they are all gone. From there, keep an eye out so they don’t find their way back in again. Most importantly, the bed bug experts at Rove Pest Control have the experience and knowledge to simplify your plan. Whether you need training for maintenance crews to know what to watch for or simply want someone to eliminate existing bed bugs, we have the plan to fit your needs!

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