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Fitchburg Ant Control

If you’re like me, you are probably not a big fan of ants. When they get into your home they typically get into your pantry and can be seen parading around in large groups. It seems they always fail to acquire adequate permitting prior. Then there is the flipside where you just find one ant stealthily creeping through the carpet fibers. You know it isn’t alone. Where are the rest?!

Ants are hive-minded and can be annoying to deal with. Even as a home or business structure is freshly built, adequate cracks and crevices exist throughout the structure that permits ants to access to the interior. Fitchburg ant control is typically inspired by the workers but has to end with the queen. Or queens…some species of ants have hundreds of queens per colony!

What Do Ants Like To Eat

Ants have diverse diets. As a whole, they are classified as omnivores, meaning they eat foods created of animal or plant products, however, their diet can vary from species to species. Food preferences within the same species will also vary from season to season and possibly day to day (reminds me of a toddler). Some species even prefer eating dead or decaying proteins. Typically, food decisions are based on colony needs and may include:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates & sugars
  • Fats & Oils

3 Recurring Invaders

1. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can range between ¼ to ½ inches in length. They typically appear to be Black, red, brown, or a mixture of colors in appearance. Another identifier is that they have only one node between their abdomen and thorax. Most importantly, take a close look at the thorax. That middle section of carpenter ants is evenly rounded on top distinguishing it from:

  • Field ants
  • Cornfield ants
  • Citronella ants
  • Allegheny mound ants

Typically Carpenter Ants like to nest inside or around wet, or decaying wood. You can sometimes get a clue about the carpenter ant presence by piles of discarded wood chunks. Fitchburg ant control for these critters will likely involve some moisture management along with attacking the colony head-on.

2. Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants tend to be a little smaller at lengths of ¼ inch long. They are typically a combination of brown and black colors and have parallel, grooved lines on their head and thorax (visible under magnification). They have 2 nodes between their abdomen and thorax.

Most of the time you will see pavement ants around pavement slabs and driveways. They typically live near homes so you can see these little guys usually marching in parades showing off their numbers. Fitchburg ant control for pavement ants is largely an exterior focal point but may occur inside especially in garages and unfinished basements as well. They prefer outside, but pavement ants get hungry and tired of the weather too.

3. Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants are on the smaller side around ¼ inches in length. They typically are dark brown or black in color and their single node is typically hidden by their thorax.

These little insects tend to be found around your panty and have been known to spoil your food. As in their name, when crushed they emit an unpleasant odor. It is most frequently described as a rotten coconut aroma.

Where To Begin the Ridding Process

Fitchburg ant control involves more than a single tool from the ant control shed. The overall process will vary with species of ant, time of year, and other factors, but may include:

  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Food source reduction
  • Exclusion
  • Environmental adjustments (sometimes just trimming a few key bushes or trees can make all of the difference)
  • Baiting
  • Slow acting sprays, dusts or aerosols that allow products to penetrate deep into the colony
  • Deterrent sprays, dusts or aerosols
  • Monitoring and process adjustments
  • Follow up

Call For Backup

Ants are social creatures and have the ability to use their pheromones to find their way to and from the source of their food. Ants have different ways and places that they like to nest.

If you’re tired of trying to get rid of ants in and around your home, take their social nature as a queue to play a social defense. Join forces with the Fitchburg ant control experts at Rove Pest Control. We will customize a plan to fit your needs and keep your bandwidth free for Fitchburg entertainment and food.

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