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Farmington Hills Spiders Control

I think we can all agree that nobody likes seeing spiders in their home. I had a pet tarantula for years and I still don’t like to get surprised by 8 legged home occupants. You can find spiders climbing on your walls inside and out. They are natural born hunters that prey on insects and other arachnids. Farmington Hills home foundations settle leaving cracks and crevices all around our homes which are perfect places for spiders to hang out or even nest. Farmington Hills spider control needs to be comprehensive to be effective.

What Do Spiders Like To Eat?

Spiders are predators that actively or passively hunt down insects and even rodents for food. Lots of spiders use their webs to capture prey, and others can even use their web to slingshot through the air to hunt. Some mimic their prey and others just sit and wait. The least patient ones simply run down their prey. Most importantly is spiders do not have mandibles. They are on an all-liquid diet. The venom they inject in their captured prey works to liquify the innards so they can slurp them down.

Since spiders are dependent on other insect activity, one of the keys to reducing spider populations is keeping their food source in control. This can be done through:

  • Habitat reduction
  • Insect population controls
  • Moisture reduction
  • Exclusion
  • Harborage elimination

Each of these elements will help in the success of Farmington Hills spider control efforts.

Important spiders of Farmington Hills, MI

Brown Recluse Spider

These spiders are identified with their brown coloring and violin like pattern on the back of their head. Unlike most spiders, they have 6 eyes instead of 8. They also have a very bulbous thorax.

Brown Recluse Spiders tend to keep to themselves and often hide in dark quiet areas. Most importantly, they are not native to Farmington Hills or even the state of Michigan for that matter. Brown Recluse reports end up being:

  • Hackledmesh Weavers
  • Nursery Web Spiders
  • Wandering Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Ground Spiders
  • Ghost Spiders
  • Sac Spiders

Orb-weaver Spider

Orb-weaver spiders have a particular spiral styled web that they use to catch prey. Think of the typical spider web drawn in kindergarten classes for Halloween. It can be tough to identify this species outside of the design of its web because it is a vast family of many shapes, sizes, and colors.

You aren’t likely to encounter these inside of a home. They are largely exterior hunters letting their webs do the work for them. If you see a large circular wagon wheeled style web outside your home this is likely the work of your local orb-weaver.

Jumping Spiders

These are a smaller type of spider that has 8 eyes 2 of which are prominently sized and colored and are positioned on the top of their head. More often than not, they appear to consist of duller colors but may have a few spots of bright coloration. These spiders are known for their powerful legs for jumping.

These crafty little spiders show feats of extraordinary strength being able to jump as much as 25 times the size of their body. This makes them extremely efficient predators that have no problem taking down their prey. Since their legs do not have extensors, the movement occurs through forced blood pressure changes like mini-hydraulic machines.

Keys to Farmington Hills Spider Control

Identify The Species

Spiders likely will lay their eggs in secluded areas with shelter. Identifying which types of spiders frequent the area of concern around your home or business will indicate where to start the hunt. Knowing what they are after and what they need to live comfortably will help deter them and stop recurrences.

Know Where They Like To Call Home

Finding their homes can be difficult, but monitoring their activity with glue traps near areas where you are seeing a lot of activity is typically a good idea. Spiders typically like to avoid encounters with giant lumbering humans that can squish them without even noticing. Monitoring spiders in key places will help paint a better picture of what Farmington Hills spider control efforts need to be employed.

Call For Backup

Controlling spiders can be a bit daunting but that is why the Rove Pest Control spider specialists are here. We can help with identification, planning, or simply take over the process so you can spend time doing what you love whether that is studying at the Holocaust Memorial Center or Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

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