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Spider Control

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Massachusetts Spider Control

Spiders: Fascinating, gross, or terrifying? Unless you are a bug nerd like me, you probably relate more to the latter two options. Even during the Halloween season when the spider is revered above all other pests as we hang fake webs and oversized replicas from our house, we are only doing it to gross out and frighten our neighbors. Halloween definitely brings out the weirdness in us as human folk. When it comes to the actual creatures scurrying around your home, we are more focused on techniques for effective Massachusetts spider control than observing them for decorative tips.

Guest Room Occupancy

Whether you fall into the category of people who are fascinated by spiders, or those who are terrified, these pests can become a nuisance inside your home when they build messy, sticky webs and leave you or a family member packing a bag to stay somewhere “spider free.” Regardless of our feelings, spiders are rather complex and interesting pests. More importantly, they are unwelcome guests.

So Many Species

There are thousands of species of spiders that range from small to large and shy to aggressive. In Massachusetts, there are dozens of native species. We commonly see Massachusetts spider control requests for species such as:
orb weavers – identified by their distinctively organized and artistic webs in tree branches, bushes, or the eaves of your home.

4 Common House Spiders

  • Wolf Spiders – active hunters
  • Jumping Spiders – named for their hurky-jerky movement
  • Parsons Spiders
  • Cellar Spiders – more chaotic and messy web structures, much like what we commonly see in the corners of a basement or crawl space.

Web Types

To us, cobwebs are filthy and, in many ways, spooky, but to spiders, it is a place to catch their next meal, protect their home, or harbor an egg sac. Spiders can spin two types of silk, sticky and dragline. Sticky silk can withstand some natural forces and catch insects such as flies, moths, and mosquitos, amongst others.
Dragline silk is non-sticky with a structural purpose. The way spiders catch insects relates to the web’s design and the predator tendencies that each species has. Some species will build a tunnel-like web, luring insects down the tunnel to meet their demise. Others will hide patiently, waiting for an insect to get stuck so they can devour.
Spiders can thrive just about anywhere from dark and damp basements to the highest corners in an attic. They are valuable predators and often harmless to humans. However, they are a pest that is better off in nature than your comfortable home.

Massachusetts Spider Control Components

Effective spider control begins with correct identification and understanding of the basic biology of the spider in question. Different tactics need to be employed if we are targeting hunters vs wait and catch spiders. Once The species in question is identified, the basic components of Massachusetts spider control include:

  • Food source reduction
  • Exclusion
  • Lighting alterations
  • Environmental controls
  • Web removal
  • Acaricides
  • Monitoring
  • Follow up

Whether you have your foe lined up for another battle this year or simply don’t want to have to worry about the spider invasions during any time of year, the arachnid specialists at Rove Pest Control have the tools and knowledge to help.

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