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Cockroach Control

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I contacted Rove and the bugs were gone after only one treatment

"I had cockroaches move into my dishwasher. I contacted Rove and the bugs were gone after only one treatment, and I haven't seen them in a little over a year. I would definitely recommend Rove!"

Jenna T.


Rove is by far the most professional and effective pest control company.

“When we called with an issue, they immediately sent a technician to resolve the problem. I have recommended this company to everyone in the area and will continue to do so.”

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Massachusetts Cockroach Control

In Massachusetts, we sure do love our arthropods. Few things are as delicious (even the visitors to the state agree) as a nice arthropod roll. The sweet flavor of the roll, the salty savoriness of the butter, and the fresh lobster combine for a heavenly, palate pleasing experience. But what about other arthropods? Do we feel the same affection for Massachusetts Cockroaches?

Massachusetts Roaches are Not Munchable Morsels

Throughout the world, cockroaches are considered either a delicacy or simply a readily available staple of diet. In fact, there are roach farms maintained to supply the feeding frenzy. Maybe it is because of bias. Maybe it is because we have lobsters and just don’t need to dive into Massachusetts roach farms, but we just aren’t having it here. Is it time to change?

Cockroaches as Garbage Workers

In these roach farms throughout the world, people have found they can get the additional benefit of having the roaches consume and get rid of a large part of their waste. Massachusetts cockroach control is complicated because our roaches are just as voracious feeders. They are omnivores that will feed on whatever is available. This includes:

  • grease splatter
  • crumbs
  • decaying matter
  • fresh food
  • paste

And many other things. The benefit of cockroaches feeding on anything for raising them is the antithesis of a benefit for us. Massachusetts roach control includes cutting off their food supply. With their ability to feed on so many things we don’t even recognize as food ourselves this can be quite the challenge.

Tools for Massachusetts roach control

Besides cutting off their food supply, other tools need to be implemented to establish a quick and efficient path to controlling Massachusetts roach populations. These control tools include:

  • monitoring
  • exclusion
  • mechanical controls
  • environmental controls
  • baits, sprays, dusts
  • evaluation


As much as we would like to wish that Massachusetts cockroach control were a mythological thing or that these unwanted creatures were just something for the movies, that is not the case. That being said, not all cockroaches are bad. Sure some carry disease and like to build up gigantic populations, but many do not. The Australian cockroach fro example likes to dwell in the soil and take care of unwanted organic matter around our plants. This roach typically only shows up inside our homes or businesses by accident. If one of these shows up, it is large enough (and ugly enough) to make a person loose their cool, but it just needs a quick ride outside.

If on the other hand, you come across a German cockroach or a brown banded cockroach lounging behind your refrigerator, you are fully justified in screaming in horror. These are some of the roaches to watch out for. They plan to stay and drive you nuts.


Don’t let the worry of a Massachusetts roach invasion cause you to lose sleep or miss out on a delicious lobster roll just because they are both arthropods. Turn your cockroach concerns over to the roach experts at Rove Pest Control. They have the team you need to:

  • Identify current and potential issues
  • customize a plan to get rid of the roaches
  • keep those roaches from coming back

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