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Massachusetts Ant Control

As mid-summer approaches, the patriotic sounds echo throughout the state. Locals may be looking forward to a football season and visitors are looking for the historic sites. It is no wonder that ants feel so at home. Their sense of duty and loyalty rival the strongest patriots in Massachusetts. Massachusetts ant control requires an understanding of the ant’s patriotism.

All Hail The Queen

While the roots of Boston lie entangled with some Tea in the harbor – an act against the queen, an ant is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Ants do the bidding of the queen and do not deviate from the course. Controlling ants does not start with the annoying punks running around your kitchen. It starts with the wicked queen. As Bostonians, this is what we knew. Overthrow the queen and gain your freedom – from ants of course.

Some ants like carpenter ants have just one queen. Take out the queen and the rest of the Massachusetts ant control process is all downhill from there. Other ants have 10’s to hundreds of queens. Regardless, there are a few approaches that can target the queen from different angles.

All Hail The Queen

The Massachusetts Ant Queens may labor and toil nearly to the death at the beginning of the colony, but this hard work and vision quickly fade. They eventually take their place on the egg-laying throne and simply demand to be fed enough to keep the baby ant maker cranking. She will demand different foods at different times, but ants may seek:

  • sugars & sweets
  • complex carbohydrates
  • fats & oils
  • proteins

Understanding what they are feeding on opens the door to taking that food away. It doesn’t take a genius of a queen to know she needs to send her colony elsewhere in search of food if the food goes away.

Trojan Horse Attack

Fortunately for the case of Massachusetts ant control, ant baits have been developed that seem like great food options but can take out the colony from the inside out. Worker ants think they found the desired food source and end up hauling back something that destroys the colony. Baits come in different bases to match the food preferences of the ant at the time. They also have different modes of action. Some affect the ants directly while others corrupt the food that the larvae are making for the queen. Knowing which ant species you are dealing with will help dictate which bait will be the most effective.

Slow Action

When ants invade Massachusetts, we want that ant control to be quick as lightning. Have patience though. The ants you see out and about are just a fraction of the colony. Using products that are slow-acting and have high transference allows the products to get down deep into the roots of the colony and wreak havoc on the ones believing they are safe and protected.

Light the Lanterns

The original fight against the queen required some ingenious planning from the early Bostonians. Lucky for you, you don’t have to replicate this creative process against the current unwanted ant queens. The ant experts at rove pest control have all the ingenuity and assistance you need. Turn your Massachusetts ant control project over to Rove and focus your efforts on more enjoyable endeavors.

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