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Rodent Control
in Shrewsbury, MA

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Shrewsbury Rodent Control

Shrewsbury weather is less than predictable. While the beautiful changes in seasons can offer different opportunities from a visit to Broken Creek Winery to Ski ward, there are other potential concerns. Seasonality presents a concern for increased rodent activity around and even inside your home or business. Mice and rats can invade seasonally or year-round. They creep in through open doors and dime to quarter-size crevices to seek shelter, find food, and expand their rodent family. Shrewsbury rodent control should start long before you find droppings in the silverware drawer.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind…Right?

So they say. This may be true when it comes to a potential mouse or rat presence, but it is important to remember that rodent populations are often substantial and can go unseen for quite some time. A rodent can start living with you via an open door or window. Really, any tiny gap may grant access to the four-legged guests. The best approach to Shrewsbury rodent control involves prevention and stopping populations from developing.

Rodent Needs

Once a rodent has made their home within yours, it becomes a prime location for reproduction and a safe area from predators and seasonal weather. Like humans, rodents require food, water, and shelter to thrive. Additionally, reduced stress (that are wonderful homes provide) increases rodent reproductive potential. All the structures we build from homes to sheds are the perfect place to satisfy all three basic needs. Shrewsbury rodent control involves minimizing access to as many basic needs as feasible without interrupting your rhythm and flow.

Clever Creatures

Aside from the negatives associated with rodents, they are actually very smart and adventurous. Mice explore their habitat for most of the day and are able to scale vertical surfaces. They log elements of their environment into kinesthetic memory. This allows them to move quickly through known spaces evading predators whether light or dark. These furry acrobats can also walk thin ropes and lines making it possible to explore every inch of their environment. This means that Shrewsbury pest control needs to have a rodent’s perspective to hit all potential traffic and entry points.

Rats can be empathetic and perform acts of kindness, learn to use tools, and understand cause and effect. While this is quite impressive and fun to learn about, it doesn’t mean that we need to be sympathetic to their cause. They are still invading your home to pilfer your goods and leave disease in their wake.

Rodent issues can happen anywhere. Although they may be more common for those living near Crane Swamp and other wooded areas, homes in the city are under constant rodent pressure as well. There are signs to look for if you think you have a rodent: scratching or gnawing sounds (or gnawing marks), tiny rice-like droppings (dark in color, not white), piles of paper or insulation, and trapping rodents inside or even outside your home. Shrewsbury rodent control must include looking for any of these signs.

The Solution

When signs show up, it’s crucial to get the issue under control early to not only protect your home but yourself from possible illnesses spread through feces, urine, and cross-contamination from little scampering feet. Many rodent issues are inevitable, but there is a solution to protecting your home and ridding it of unwanted guests. The rodent experts at Rove Pest Control have a customizable plan to keep your rodent needs off of your plate.

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