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Wasp Control

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Shrewsbury Wasp Control

Wasps are very irritable creatures. They tend to be aggressive particularly when defending their nest or food sources. The biggest issue is they are a little too ambitious in what they claim as their own. These creatures like to make their home in your trees, eaves, or even in cracks in your foundation. And if you haven’t learned about their habit of taking over rodent holes in the ground where you like to mow, count yourself fortunate! Being that most homes in the Shrewsbury area tend to be a bit older this can cause lots of problems for you. Since the wasps won’t agree to hang out at the EcoTarium, Shrewsbury wasp control is a necessary part of our plans.

What Do Wasps Like To Eat?

Wasps prefer to eat nectar from flowers and fruit (they are especially big fans of the Coca-Cola flower), however, they are a predatory insect that feeds on other insects or arachnids as well. The typical exchange includes the workers hunting down unsuspecting insects, stinging them to death (or paralyzing them), and taking it back to the nest to feed to the larva in exchange for a sweet secretion. Different breeds of wasps typically have slight differences in their diet. Most breeds of wasps are omnivores.

While we don’t want to reduce flowers that provide food for wasps, we do want to include food source reduction as part of Shrewsbury wasp control. Simply minimizing the amount of food available in the form of other insects and arachnids can be enough to deter some populations from settling down on your back porch.

Shrewsbury’s Wasps

European Hornets

European hornets are a larger species of wasp that grow as large as 1 ½ inch long. They are orangish-yellow and black in color and can look like yellow jackets. When I see most wasps depicted in cartoons, I think of the European Hornet.

These wasps like to build their nests in a hollow area of a tree or even a hole in the side of your home or business. Members of this species are plenty defensive of their nests can deliver an extremely painful sting if adequately provoked (keep in mind that the term adequate is rather loose and relative from season to season and population to population).

Paper Wasps

These wasps are a bright yellow with black accenting colorings. Typically, they range in size from 2-3 cm in size.

Paper wasps harvest fibers from dead wood and plant stems to create their nests. These wasps are more likely to have a hanging styled nest from trees, porches, and even the eaves of your home. This protects their delicate paper mache creations from destructive rainfalls. These flying harpoons are less aggressive than the European Hornet or Yellow Jackets but still won’t hesitate to defend their nests. They also suffer from little-man syndrome and have picked plenty of fights over other people’s burgers, lemonade, etc.
Shrewsbury wasp control for paper wasps can include food source reduction, nest removal, and preventive applications to keep them away from areas of concern.

Yellow Jacket

The yellow jacket is a smaller type of wasps that are noted by their black and yellow markings and can be often seen around your home or also near sweets. The yellow jacket is often recognized for its side-to-side flying motions.

Yellow jackets are opportunistic nest creators. They build their nests underground, in tree holes, and they can even nest in the areas like burrowing into your porch or foundation. They typically are aggressive in any environment and have a very painful sting. They also tend to build up population numbers quickly. Keep in mind that when yellow jackets take over ground nests, they typically have a back-door entrance. Far too many Shrewsbury wasp control efforts have ended with people focused too much on attacking the wasps via the front door only to find themselves getting stung in the backdoor.

Getting rid of Shrewsbury Wasps

Carefully Take Down Their Nests

When dealing with wasps, it is good to know they are very aggressive when defending their nests. Wasps are also more active during the day. Taking these things into account taking their nest down at night is typically the best course of action for finding more wasps located in the nest itself. The downside to this is we aren’t exactly built for superb night vision. Fighting a wasp war in the dark can up the risk of unnoticed wasp attacks.

Know Where They Like To Call Home

Different species of a wasps nest in different manners and locations. Some will have hanging nests from trees and structures, while others nest inside trees, structures, or underground. Knowing which wasp needs sent packing will help indicate where to begin hunting for the nest.

Backup Buddies

Controlling wasps can be difficult and dangerous due to their aggressive nature. They have painful stings and can nest in complicated areas. Oftentimes, the best course of action is to call a certified pest control company that deals with more wasp situations on a daily basis than you hopefully have to encounter in a lifetime. The stinging insect specialists at Rove Pest Control are ready to dispatch their wasp wizardry on your behalf regardless of where you are at in the control process.