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Shrewsbury Pest Control

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Shrewsbury Pest Control

When friends and family come to visit us in Shrewsbury, stopping by Herbert’s Candy Mansion seems like the logical thing to do – especially if a sweet tooth or child is involved. If it weren’t for the strategic controls put in place by the candy owners, it would be a madhouse. Well, Shrewsbury pests behave much the same way we as people do with candy. We can follow the pattern of Herbert’s Candies to establish effective Shrewsbury Pest Control.

Delicious Treats

It is simply the nature of the goods found within Herbert’s that draw in the people of Shrewsbury. It would be silly to stop having treats in there just like it would be silly to stop having the things pests want in our homes including:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Nesting sites

We need to put in place controls similar to what you see in the store and limit the pest access to these treats.

The Racks

Just as the treats are arranged on different levels, we have to think of Shrewsbury Pest Control on various levels:

  • Low -Some pests such as pavement ants are going to be working their way into our homes from underneath slabs and below ground level.
  • Mid level – Other pests such as rodents are just as likely to find entry points on piping, wiring, cabling, tree branches, etc. that touch or go into the home.
  • Up high – Wasps are going to pressure structures from an aerial perspective. They will fly past granular and low-level barriers to establish themselves under eaves or embed a nest in a bush or tree.

Establishing and keeping a solid perimeter defense around your home, business and yard requires thinking like a pest and in all 3 dimensions.

Bagged Up

Wrapping up the candies so that small grabbing hands can’t directly access them is representative of the exclusion work that needs to be done around our structures to keep pests from having the advantage such as:

  • Entry points – entry points develop throughout and around the structure as they settle and as structural joints expand and contract with weather changes. Inspections should be performed at least quarterly throughout the year to keep up with potential developments.
  • Weatherstripping and seals around doors wear out and break down over time with use and with weathering. Keeping an eye on these and repairing as needed reduces the opportunity for pests to invade.
  • Landscaping and structural barriers are less obvious parts of excluding pests from buildings, but just as important as other methods. Simply having a separation between branches, bushes, grasses, etc. and the building will reduce the invitations to pests to find a way inside.
  • Cut off access to food. Keeping food sealed up and cleaned up is key in pest management. This includes grease that accumulates under appliances and cabinetry as well as the crumbs that fall in the most annoying cracks to access. Unfortunately, cracks that are difficult for us to access are quite simple for tiny pests to scurry in and out.


Herbert’s uses lights to illuminate what we want. Similarly, many pests around Shrewsbury are affected by light. Simply changing the type of light or how much light flows into an area can significantly affect the pest population. Spiders, for example, like to hang out near lights where they can catch some flying grub. Excessive spider webs can be a clue to look at how and when things are lit up. Other pests affected by light include flies and roaches.

Price of Exchange

Changing the price of the treats changes the demand and the flow in the candy store. This is the same with our homes and businesses. We can effectively increase the cost of the treats that Shrewsbury

  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Rodents

seek by having effective and comprehensive pest control plans in place. The experts at Rove Pest Control have the expertise to customize a plan to make the pests passing by continue on down the road rather than battle your barriers to entry.