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Here Comes the Rain

When the clouds are covering the sky and it is just dark and gloomy. On those days where it just seems to rain all day. Things start to get really damp and wet outside. When these types of days happen in New Brighton there is s great chance of you noting an increase in active pests around your home. Many insects are sensitive to change in barometric pressure and will leave nesting site in an effort to escape the incoming rain fall.  Time to call for pest control.

Time to Seal the Deal

With fall in full swing it’s time to contemplate what your doing to eliminate possible entry points from unwanted insects and rodents. The nights will continue to get colder and colder which results in the survival instinct in these obnoxious pests to kick into high gear. As you inspect your home for vulnerable entry points, keep in mind a mouse only needs a ¼ inch gap, while a rat needs a ½ inch gap. You’ll be surprised how many you will find once you begin your inspection. These openings must be sealed if you want to avoid these critters from getting nice and toasty with the help of your fireplace.

The Unfinished Basement

Like most homeowners with older homes in New Brighton, a lot of the basements are unfinished. We mainly use them for storage, or that could be where the washer and dryers are located. Unfinished basements are dark, gloomy places and if you’re like most people you want to get in and out of there quickly. With that in-mind, insects often prefer lower traffic areas where they can nest and breed. A broad labeled insecticide can go a long way to help remedy multiple pest cases stemming from a cool, damp basement.

The Solution

Rove Pest Control’s general pest service is the best way to protect your home from the wide variety of pests we experience here in New Brighton. We certainly experience the full extent of all four seasons. With each changing season comes varying pest activity. This is why Rove Pest Control provides seasonal services to keep on top of all those pests, and their life cycles. With Rove, you can rest easy, and pests don’t stand a chance. Contact your Rove specialist today!