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Middleton Wasps Control

Everyone thinks of bees when it comes to pollinating flowers, however, wasps play a role in that as well. There are many breeds of wasps that have just as many different types of nests, but one thing they all have in common is their sting hurts. Be it exploring the National Mustard Museum or spending time in the Pheasant Branch Conservatory here in Middleton, you will find that wasps like to join us in all of our favorite hang-out spots. This makes Middleton wasp control a central focus for all of us.

What Do Wasps Like To Eat

Given the diversity in species, there are some wasps that eat nectars and sugars and others that prey on other insects. Interestingly, a lot of this variation is within the same species/colony. For paper wasps, for example, the adults want the nectar and the developing larvae want the protein. These lead to some motivating behaviors and social exchanges. Wasps are omnivores by nature meaning that their diets can consist of both carbohydrates and proteins. Understanding which wasps are affecting your home or business and what they are after are foundational elements of Middleton wasp control.

Getting to Know Middleton’s Wasps

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets are frequently mislabeled as bees. They have well-known yellow and black markings and have a flight style of hovering side to side. You can usually find these in common areas where humans mingle. Our lives are more intertwined than we would like.

Yellow Jackets will build their nests nearly anywhere including but not limited to:

  • underground
  • inside holes in trees
  • in gutters
  • within wall voids of your home or business

Yellow jackets can be very aggressive and attack with a very painful sting when they or their nests are threatened. While nest removal is an important part of Middleton wasp control, proper measures should be taken to avoid their painful attack.

Bald Faced Hornet

Bald face hornets have a unique coloring scheme. They are known for their dull white with black markings. These can grow to be larger than one inch long. In their larvae stage, they are fed insects by their parents. When they fully mature they can feed on either insects or nectar. As with any human, you can guess that nectar is their preferred option. They are quite ok with the nectars produced by soda manufacturers as well.

These creatures are one of the culprits of nests built into trees and bushes. Watch out though, because this is one of the more aggressive species of wasps and their nests can be quite hard to notice. When Middleton wasp control involves smashing one of their nests, it produces a purple jelly like substance.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps can are typically a little larger than a Yellow Jacket. They typically have more black markings on their bodies. As their name implies, they produce a paper substance for building their nests.

Paper wasps build nests shaped like upside down umbrellas. You are most likely going to find these under eaves or other protective overhangs that keep their nests protected from destructive rain. Middleton wasp control for paper wasps has different elements depending on the season.

Sending Wasps on a One Way, No Return Flight

Carefully Take Down Their Nests

Wasps become aggressive when their nests are disturbed (not too different from us!). The best time to try to knock down their nests is during the night when they are dormant. Of course, trying to work in the dark poses different challenges that may offset their dormant state. Make sure to take safety precautions when dealing with these aggressive pests.

Know Where They Live

Wasps can create nests in lots of different places depending on the species. They can create nests hanging from trees and eaves of homes. Some species will create their nests inside trees or underground. Some opportunistically build their nests into rodent burrows. Not to be overlooked, some types will create nests inside cracks and holes in the sides of your foundation or other parts of your structure. Middleton wasp control starts with identifying the species and building a plan that specifically targets it while preventing others from filling the void.

Middleton Wasp Control Backup

Controlling wasps takes preparation and safety precautions to avoid being stung. If you find that you are uncomfortable dealing with these aggressive critters let our Middleton wasp team take control of the situation for you.

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