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Tulsa, OK

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Cricket Control in Tulsa, OK

There you are settling down for a good night’s sleep. And then it starts. That persistent squeaking, chirping sound coming from the kitchen, no wait, maybe it’s the laundry room. Those pesky crickets, they found a door to your home. You wish this was a one-time occurrence, but it’s not. Night after night, you hear them, driving you and your family crazy. Something keeping you up at night? Get rid of crickets with Rove Pest Control!

You wander around your house trying to locate that noise. You end up ramming your toes into the leg of a coffee table. And then the chirping moves to another part of the house. Your once peaceful household is completely disrupted, the kids, your spouse, maybe even the family pet is on a seek-and-destroy mission, it goes on and on.

It’s time to call in the pros from Rove Pest Control. We are specialists in Tulsa Cricket control, and will help you rid your home of these pests.

It’s More Than the Noise, There’s Potential Damage

You may think that the worse thing about cricket is that endless nighttime chirping; however, they can wreak havoc to your home in other ways. Crickets will chew on and eat just about anything. They will chew on household fabrics, as well as leaving their droppings around your house. No one wants to see that! Additionally, crickets can destroy indoor and outdoor foliage.

At Rove Pest Control, we specialize in cricket elimination. We understand the special circumstances of the Tulsa because we live here too. We know how the climate and environment can create a cricket infestation.

We’ll Give You Some Peace and Quiet

We will come in and do a full inspection of your home and yard. We will then provide a detailed plan of how we will completely eradicate your home of crickets or other pests. Our services come with a service guarantee, so you’ll be assured of quality work.

If you’re ready to get a good night’s sleep, call us today. We’ll set an appointment to help you get the very best in Tulsa cricket control service. Don’t wait any longer, your family and your bruised toes deserve it!

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