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Tulsa, OK

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Tulsa Ant Control

The First Settlers of Tulsa, Ants. No disrespect intended to Native Americans but ants built their homes in Tulsa long before any of us. Ants have been around so long that even dinosaurs stepped on them. Despite ants’ claim that people moved in on their native territory, you have every right to remove them from your home.

Junk Food Addicts

Modern ants may look like their ancestors but they are nothing like them. Ants today are addicted to sugary snacks and junk food; and your house is the best place to get their fix. Ants send out scouts into every home in Tulsa to determine vulnerability and the availability of Cap’n Crunch, their favorite breakfast cereal. If you see one ant in your house, it has probably sent out a text to the colony to come on in. The next time you see ants in your house it will be a long brigade carrying away your cookies.

Ants may seem like selfless creatures individually, but as a colony, they become a greedy and determined eating machine. Once they exhaust anything that hits the floor, they will chew through any packaging material to get right to the source of the goodies. One day you reach for that special treat you hid on the bottom shelf and even though the package appears unopened, it feels very light. When you open the package, all you see is dust and maybe even a few ants still foraging for the colony. Yuck!

Putting Ants in Their Place

Allowing ants to share or steal your food may throw off the natural order of things. Remember junk food is for people, not ants. They need to return to the open range and live off seeds and twigs like their ancestors. However, if controlling the ants in your home were easy, every home would be ant free.

Ants are very resourceful. You have to go to Ant College to outsmart them. You may feel good if you try a do-it-yourself product and find a few dead ants. The rest of the colony, 3 or 4 million strong are watching and laughing in the shadows. When you are ready to admit defeat, you need to call a us. We know how to think like an ant colony. We have the know how and the tools to rid your home of ants.

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