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Rove Pest Control – Coweta

Common Pest Problems

Many homes and commercial establishments in Coweta have experienced pest infestation, one time, or another. Rats, mice, termites, and bed bugs are some of the common pests that trouble the population of Coweta, and have to be handled effectively, as they can cause several health problems, and damage property. Often many homes and business places are not aware that these pests have started living on the premises, until the population of these pests has grown enormous, and developed into an infestation. Therefore, it is necessary to notice certain signs that reveal the existence of these pests on your premises, so that they can be handled effectively by our pest control service in the early stages, before they cause any major damage.

In Coweta, the Roof Rat and Norway Rat are the most common types of rats. Mice are smaller than rats but cause the same problems. These pests are mainly active in the night, and hence they are quite difficult to spot until they have infested the place. However, it is easy to determine their presence by these signs –
• Rats and mice do not have any control over their bowels, and hence if they are on your premises, you will notice their droppings in many places.
• If you hear, scratching or rustling sounds at night particularly from your attic or storeroom.
• You might find gnaw marks on structural wood or wires.
• In areas that are hard to access, you might find piled up material that is used by these creatures for nesting.

Termite infestation is another major problem in Coweta that has caused major destruction of homes and business properties. These pests are quite hard to detect, and if you feel they might have come into your property, it is best to call us, to do a professional inspection. Termites will mainly thrive in moist places and live in wood. If you feel there are termites in any wooden object in your house, stick a sharp object into the wood to check whether it has been hollowed. Other early signs are sighting of swarms, and small tube like structures in the mud outside your house.

Bed bugs have become a persistent problem in Coweta, particularly in homes, hotels, and dormitories. Here too, the problem is hard to detect in the early stages, and therefore it is best to get your premises inspected by our team of professionals at regular intervals, particularly if you are running a hotel or shelter. Bite marks, and actually seeing these bugs are the only signs to know about their presence.

We Specialize in the following pests:

AntsBed Bugs – Black Widow Spiders – Box Elder Bugs – Brown Recluse Spiders – Centipedes – Clothes Moths – CockroachesCrickets – Earwigs – Fleas – Gophers – Hobo Spiders – Hornets – Indian Meal Moths – Mice – Millipedes – Moles – Mud Daubers – Paper Wasps – Rats – Silverfish – Spiders – Springtails – Ticks – Voles – Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Hornets

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