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Rove Pest Control
Collinsville, OK

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Rove Pest Control – Collinsville, OK

Pest Control And Management

Common household pests are not only a nuisance but also cause significant damage to a home. It is imperative to identify pest infestation early enough, to avoid having to pay for costly damages afterwards. Residents of Collinsville OK with pest problems should ideally seek help from local exterminators. Local professionals understand pest control problems that face area residents, and are best suited to provide extermination services.

A casual inspection is hardly enough to identify bug infestations at home. Some pests such as bedbugs and fleas are quite adept at concealing themselves. So, how do these critters end up in your house? Generally, carelessness, untidiness, pets and aging construction materials at home can attract pests. Here are some telltale clues to assist you identify possible pest infestation at your home:

Signs of Pest Infestation

Most native household pests found in Oklahoma are either insects or rodents by nature. In particular, ants are notorious home invaders and can cause significant damage to building materials and stored food. You can easily tell if ants have invaded your home by checking your garbage bins. Confirm their presence by inspecting moist dark areas using a torch, for tiny droppings or sawdust shavings.

Termites are also common in Collinsville, OK and are quite destructive by nature. They have soft, pale yellowish bodies, and can be winged or wingless. You can tell of their presence by checking the underside of wooden flooring or other timber pieces. Termites usually attack wood, leaving it looking scalded, frizzled and mushy, with mud tubes and saw dust residue.

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, and can easily be seen scurrying about the kitchen when the lights are switched off at night. Moths usually hide inside closets, and leave a whitish-brown powder and pinholes on clothes. Other household pests such as fleas and bedbugs are difficult to spot, and may require the services of professional exterminators.

Common domestic rodents include rats, mice, moles and bats. These vermin are not only destructive by nature; they may also carry disease-causing organisms. Rats and mice usually nibble on food left in the open, leaving behind their teeth markings. They prefer to nest in warm, moist places such as neglected attics, unused furniture, dark ceilings, dank drainage pipes and attics. Bats also prefer similar nesting conditions, and usually come out to feed at night. They produce a squeaky sound from dusk, and leave their droppings and small dried carcasses of their prey on ceilings and attics.

Dealing with Pest Infestation

Once you suspect or discover pest infestation at your home, speak to a professional exterminator about the best way to deal with it. Minor infestations may only require a pesticide and general cleanliness and hygiene to tackle. On the other hand, heavy infestation would require expert extermination methods such as fumigation to eradicate the pests completely. Collinsville residents can contact Rove Pest Control Services for any of these services.

We Specialize in the following pests:

AntsBed Bugs – Black Widow Spiders – Box Elder Bugs – Brown Recluse Spiders – Centipedes – Clothes Moths – CockroachesCrickets – Earwigs – Fleas – Gophers – Hobo Spiders – Hornets – Indian Meal Moths – Mice – Millipedes – Moles – Mud Daubers – Paper Wasps – Rats – Silverfish – Spiders – Springtails – Ticks – Voles – Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Hornets

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