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Bixby, OK

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Rove Pest Control – Bixby, OK

Controlling Pests
For years, Oklahoma has been famed as the home to many interesting and unique bugs, and although tourists may be amazed at this state’s bug variety, residents of Bixby and other places are less than amused at the bug populations in these areas. Currently, thanks to recent mild winters, residents are seeing even more bugs than usual in their homes and yards and on their pets. Many of these bugs seem resistant to normal treatments, and luckily, local companies like Rove Pest Control have the experience and expertise to help local residents with their bug issues.

Many Bixby homeowners are noticing the huge surge in the crane fly population. Some homeowners report that they get virtually infested by these insects everytime they open their door. This anecdotal evidence is backed-up by the research of Nebraska entomologists like Richard Grantham who claim that crane fly populations are indeed on the upsurge. These bugs which look like large mosquitos are not dangerous to humans, but they can be annoying. Just like fruit flies and cluster flies, these bugs spread germs and potentially diseases so it is important to keep them out of your home.

Many people in Bixby have also reported problems with fleas. Many commercial sprays can give homeowners and their pets a small break from flea populations, but when winter temperatures fail to drop low enough to kill these pests, they will simply multiply in the neighbor’s yard and jump the fence. Unfortunately, most of the options to keep fleas out of your yard include toxins to which homeowners do not want their pets exposed, but Rove Pest Control is happy to talk to Bixby citizens about other options that will remove fleas without endangering pets or children.
As countless news reports have confirmed, bed bugs are becoming a problem throughout the nation. There was even a bed bug outbreak confirmed at Oklahoma State University. Unfortunately, these bugs spread easily and are difficult to control. They nest in beds, couches, and other comfy furniture which makes them hard to remove without the help of a professional.

If you live in Bixby and you are experiencing a crane fly, a fruit fly, or a cluster fly infestation or too many cockroaches, or a problem with ticks or spiders, Rove Pest Control has the secrets that will keep these creatures at bay. They are a trusted local member of the local community. As such, they have the tools to handle the bugs that affect local residents the most.

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