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Milford Wasp Control

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Whether you prefer to walk the Milford Rd Urban Gardens or stay at home and keep up on the Social Buzz from, you are familiar with a different social buzz that is less than desirable. That’s right. We’re referring to the annoying buzz of a wasp who has decided you have encroached on her space and is threatening to pierce your skin. These moments are when we wish that we had already put Milford Wasp control into place.

Why Are Wasps So Mean?

Most wasps stay where they belong, but the homes and landscapes we build here in Milford are too inviting for the wasps to pass up. Roof overhangs, patios, decks, playhouses, etc. all give great protection for building a wasp nest. The thing about wasps is they do not have a sense of sharing. If they see something they like, they lay claim to it and will defend it to the point of exchanging blows. This quickness to lay claim combined with their protective social nature leads to what we observe as meanness. The good news is that some key elements of Milford Wasp control will avoid these battles.

Wasp Frequent Invaders

There are thousands of species of wasps, but we, fortunately, don’t have to memorize them all. Here in Milford, there are 4 main wasp types to be aware of:

  • Paper Wasps – these are the ones that like to build upside-down umbrellas under overhangs. They get a 2 out of 3 on the aggression scale.
  • Yellow Jackets – These may build into plants, on buildings, in rodent burrows, or in structural voids of any sort. These typically enclose their nests in paper mache like a pinata. They get a 3 out of 3 on the aggression scale.
  • Mud Daubers – These are typically more elongated and have a greater variety of colors an shapes an sizes. They get a 1 out of 3 on the aggression scale
  • The other wasps – Most of the other wasps are not considered pests and do not bother people. Every once in a while, something like a cicada killer wasp will pop up and give someone a start due to their size. Others like digger wasps may need some changes to irrigation practices.

The good news is you do not need to sign up for the next entomology course at Oakland Community College. The identification and Milford wasp control plans can come directly to you from the wasp experts at Rove Pest Control

Food Sources

Wasps love to feed on sweet treats. Fortunately for them, they can exchange captured insects and arachnids to their larvae for their sweet nectar excretions. Unfortunately for us, they are tempted by our sweet drinks and other patio foods as shortcuts to nature’s fine-tuned process. Reducing attractants such as empty or open pop bottles as well as dialed-in waste management practices will reduce wasp visitors. Additionally, simply maintaining a regular pest reduction treatment around the structure will reduce the amount of predation attraction. Milford wasp control should be multifaceted and geared towards the most prominent pest wasps.

Stopping the Wasps without Effort

As mentioned above, all aspects of the Milford wasp control process can be taken off of your plate. There are far too many interesting things to dedicate your time and attention to outside of the world of wasp control. Reach out today to customize your wasp protection plan and enjoy the comfort of guaranteed service.

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