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Milford, MI
Bed Bug Control

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Milford Bed Bug Control

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The Milford General Motors training ground has a long history of automobile testing. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only animals that are proving modes of transportation. Bec bugs are testing and proving various ways of getting to and fro as well. The thing to know is they are good. Too good. With all of their practice, it is wise to have a Milford bed bug control plan in place regardless of whether you run a hotel, library, or residential home.

Round, Round, Get Around, They Get Around

Bed bugs have squatty legs compared to the size of their body. They also have wing pads with no wings. If you were to look at one, you would assume transportation would be difficult. Their secret rests in their apple seed-shaped body. The flatness and lightness of it allow for a perfect fit in just about anything. They can ride in:

  • the spine of a book
  • shoe tread
  • zipper teeth on luggage
  • electronics
  • just about anything that is moved around

Milford bed bug control includes an element of vigilance and awareness. The more you know about where they can hide, the better you can inspect for them and take care of them before they get established.

Food For Thought

With many pests, reducing food supply is a key to reducing the issue. The matter of food gets complex with Bed Bugs because they only consume blood. They are not for the food variety we enjoy at Chartlie’s or Coratti’s. It is blood meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well to be precise, they can go a year without eating, but when they do decide to eat, it’s a blood meal. They also adjust their feeding times to when people are around sleeping or resting. If you try and remove the person from the equation so they can’t feed, they will either wait or go find where you decided to relocate to. Milford bed bug control has to be directed at killing them in all stages of life.

Bed Bug Life Stages

Bed bugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis. As eggs, they are tucked into seams, threading, zippers, or hidden behind artwork or other fixtures. As nymphs, they start feeding and growing until they go through each instar (nymphal stage) winding up as adults. The adults reproduce through traumatic inception which basically means the female just gets stabbed in the abdomen. As horrible as this fact sounds, it is important to understand since it causes her to flee from the population for her survival. This can lead to eggs and females being located in less than obvious locations. Milford bed bug control should have a large focus on the population epicenter but should include much more than that to not allow for a resurgence.

Tools of the Trade

Milford Bed bug control is complicated by their thick waxy coating on their bodies. It takes a combination of:

  • exclusion
  • encasement
  • traps
  • lures
  • chemical
  • heat
  • freezing
  • proper identification
  • follow up

to achieve full control. Lucky for you, the bed bug experts at Rove Pest Control have mastery of the tools as well as the necessary understanding to put the right combination together to achieve quick Milford bed bug control. Getting these critters out of the way can open us back up to peaceful travel and enjoying our food variety without thinking about them.

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