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Milford, MI
Ant Control

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Milford Ant Control

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It is easy to memorize our daily paths through Milford. We have the same paths and routes for the frequented stops like school, work, friends’ houses, and shopping. One stop that helps change our perspective is the Cranbrook Art Museum. Simply looking at someone else’s interpretation of the world can expand our focus to a larger scale or remind us of the beauty of the minutiae. The small details can be very important. This is especially true as we shift our focus from art galleries to ant galleries. In many cases, ant homes can be spectacular structures and cause no concern for any of us. In other cases, these hoards need Milford Ant Control efforts.


For ants that want to join us in our structures, we don’t want to wait until they have a strong presence to start to act. Ant colonies begin underground, in voids, and other out of site places. By the time a few scouts are poking around the food preparation area, a colony is well established somewhere nearby. Milford ant control is best started from the first day. Day 1 may be when you move in. It may be when the structure is completed. The first day may be changes made to the landscaping. Regardless of what you choose for your day 1, keep the inspections, monitoring and environmental control efforts in effect on a regular basis – at least once for each of our beautiful Milford seasons.

Ants and Other Ants

Most of us are pretty good at identifying ants. We get plenty of practice recognizing them since their presence is so prevalent. Some ant species have hundreds of thousands of ants in each colony. Beyond the individual count, there are more than 12,000 different ant species. This incomprehensible number needs simplification. Your Milford Ant control experts have the skinny for you on the ants to be aware of:

  • Carpenter Ants –are most likely going to be black here in Milford and are 7-13mm long. They have one node, an evenly rounded thorax, and love to make their nests in moisture softened wood. This may be in a deck, a tree, a wall void, or an existing hollow that may be as simple as a curtain rod.
  • Odorous house ants – are smaller than carpenter ants at about 3.5mm long. They have a flat node and an uneven thorax. If you like fun facts for friends or kids, they emit a rotten coconut odor when squished. I don’t know many people that do the sniff test for identification, but you are welcome to lead up the ant sniffing craze!
  • Acrobat Ants – match the length of the odorous house ant at 3.5 mm lung but have 2 nodes. They also have a heart shaped abdomen which they can bend up over their thorax when disturbed and some spines on their thorax. They can be black or red and black. These also are fans of making nests in damp wood, voids, or inulating panels.
  • Pavement Ants – have a ridged head and thorax and are the same popular 3.5 mm length. They have 2 nodes and are black. You can guess where to find these by their name: pavement sidewalks, cracks, etc.
  • Pharaoh Ants – are quite small measuring in at 2mm in length. These red to yellowish colored ants love to occupy wall voids. Spraying something to kill these ants typically leads to budding where the colony divides and separates effectively doubling the issue.

Bye-Bye Ants

We don’t like ants in our homes, our businesses, or joining us for picnics. Keeping ants where they belong is a constant effort and can be rather aggravating. Regardless of where you are at in the process, the ant experts at Rove Pest Control have the help you need to keep your efforts on your family and business. Whether we are starting at identification and monitoring or battling a massive ant army, we will customize the Milford Ant control plan to match your specific needs allowing you to get back to the artistry of your life.

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