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Bed Bug Control

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Detroit Bed Bug Control

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Bed bugs have been working on establishing their presence since the French were calling Lake Erie le Detroit du Lac Erie. Bed bugs are master hitchhikers and aren’t going the way of the Dinosauria any time soon. Detroit bed bug control may differ from home to apartment to hotel, but homeowners and commercial operators alike need to have specific Detroit bed bug control plans.

Types of Bed Bugs

Knowing that there are bugs that want to invade our private sleeping quarters and feast on our blood is bad enough. Knowing there are multiple kinds of bed bugs roaming around out there is important to know, but quite disconcerting. Detroit bed bug control includes variants such as:

  • The common bed bug – this is the critter that we are all concerned about. They feed on blood and blood only. Unfortunately, they have a taste for human blood and that is what they prefer and go for.
  • Bat bug – these make their way into structures when they ride a bat inside. Differentiating between bag bugs and common bed bugs requires a macroscope to compare the hair length to the width of their eye. If they are bat bugs, eliminating the bats eliminates the bat bugs.
  • Swallow bugs – similar to bat bugs, these blood suckers are after a different host. These will go after swallows but may find their way down chimneys into structures if the swallows are nesting in there.
  • Tropical bed bug – these are similar to the common bed bug but have tropical origins. The slight difference in species isn’t quite enough to have them not want to feed on Detroit’s fine citizens. Detroit bed bug control deals with the tropical bed bug in much the same way as the common bed bug.

Control Elements

When people find out they are dealing with bed bugs, there are often statements made about throwing everything out or burning things down. We definitely don’t want to go down the arson route and usually don’t have to throw much (if anything) out with proper Detroit bed bug control. Control efforts typically include:

  • Monitoring & identification
  • Exclusion
  • Heat or freezing
  • Barrier applications
  • Void treatments
  • Biological control (this is a neat fungus that likes to eat bed bugs and bed bugs only)

Depending on the type of treatment that best fits the Detroit bed bug control situation, there are preparation instructions that we provide our customers to ensure complete elimination. Don’t lose sleep over bed bugs. The bed bug experts at Rove Pest Control have the solution to keep them out of your worries list.

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