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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane … Its Wasps and Hornets!

During this time in the winter you may not be seeing to many wasps and hornets flying around outside, but during the winter time people in Brooklyn Park do run into stinging insect activity indoors. These insects seek protection from the cold in the later fall months and typically find it in the voids and cavities that are naturally part of the structure of our homes. Depending on where they select for their overwintering location, warmth from the central heating or warmth of the sun shining on a side of the home may be enough stimulation to get these insects lethargically crawling around. As they move toward greater warmth, they may even begin to fly around inside the home!

Running Away Isn’t Going To Help

A typical easy fix would be to run to your local hardware store to buy your big can of WASPS AND HORNET KILLER. Although it might serve as a temporary fix, it’s not going to solve the problem in most cases. It will target the insects that have made their way out, but it will only work on contact with the insects you hunt down. This not only requires you to find all of them, but it also requires you to come within close enough proximity to attack them meaning you are in close enough proximity to be attacked back. As long as your hunting, tracking and evasion skills are in line, this is the plan for you!

No Need To Fear Rove Is Here

Stinging Pest Aggression thumb

For those of us that do not spend our time in books about wasp and hornet tracking lore, there is a simpler solution. Rove Pest Control keeps staff highly trained and available to attack even the most complex stinging insect situations. Years of experience in a variety of environments and circumstances allow Wasp and Hornet Specialists to see a wider array of options than most would find. These specialists will customize a treatment plan to attack the wasps and hornets you see, those you don’t see, and those that have yet to come. Take care of those missed opportunities in the past, the problems of today, and prevent future wasp and hornet invasions by calling a Rove Specialist today!

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