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Flea Control

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Brooklyn Park Flea Control

Brooklyn Park has sixty parks, two golf courses, and fifty soccer fields. There is no shortage of things to do in Brooklyn Park. Another thing we have is fleas. Though most flea infestations are blamed on pets, you don’t have to have pets to get fleas. If your pets are incessantly scratching, and you notice itchy bite marks on your legs, you might become suspicious. If those bite marks look like a red dot surrounded by a red halo, you can begin to worry.

Flea Test

A cost effect method to test for fleas only requires you to have a fresh pair of white socks. Make sure your socks are white as snow. Put them on your feet and walk around your carpet. Fleas are attracted to heat and movement. When you walk past they will jump onto your legs ready for a quick meal. Their small dark bodies will contrast with the background of your white socks. If you find them, you will know you have a problem.

Steps of Flea Control

  •  Vacuum. Regular vacuuming will reduce the number of fleas throughout your home. After vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag.
  •  Clean Pet Sleeping and Lounging Areas. Hot water and detergent will kill fleas in all their life stages. Your washing machine will see a lot of use.
  •  Wash Your Sheets. Make your mom proud. Again, use hot water and detergent.
  •  Call Rove Pest Control.

Why Rove Pest Control?

Vacuuming and washing will help reduce flea numbers, but you will always have stragglers. For total flea control, you need Rove Pest. We use pet and people friendly liquid treatments that will eliminate your flea population for good. If there are areas in your yard where wildlife brings in these insects, we can eliminate fleas in those areas as well. With Rove Pest Control, you get a total infestation eradication plan. Our technicians are certified flea eradication experts. If you have an issue, then Rove Pest Control is your solution.

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