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Brooklyn Park, Rove Pest Control Takes A Bite Out Of Carpenter Ants

If you’re following Spud McTater, he’s left his seventh clue toward finding the golden spud here in Brooklyn Park. Follow the clues and you’ll find the golden spud and pad your pocket with three hundred dollars. If only searching for the golden spud was as easy as finding bugs. Take a glance anywhere in Brooklyn Park and you’re sure to find them. You’ll even find them in and around your home.

Catastrophic Carpenter Ants

That’s where we come in. Rove Pest Control is dedicated to assisting you with pest control. One of the more nasty insects found in our area are Carpenter Ants. Unlike other insects, they’re hard to spot. Carpenter Ants love making nests inside the walls of our homes. Their tough jaws make quick work of the studs that keep your house upright. It doesn’t take long for Carpenter Ants to turn your residence into a foreclosure.

Down With The Queen

Killing workers might make you feel better; however, unless the queen is dethroned new workers will soon rise and continue where their fallen sisters left off. Our experienced technicians know how to target the queen. We’ll have the mess cleaned up before it becomes serious. If you suspect carpenter ants, don’t wait, give Rove Pest Control a call and we’ll do the dirty work. Killing pest insects is what we do. With the bugs taken care of, you’ll be back to looking for that golden spud.

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